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Seal Case
:''For the Pokémon based on the animal seal, see {{p|Seel}}.''
[[Image:TRSeals.jpg|thumb|right|{{TP|James|Carnivine}}, {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}}, and {{MTR}} play around with seals]]'''Seals''' are small stickers that are able to be attached to [[Ball Capsule]]s, which can in turn be attached to [[Poké Ball]]s, to attain a special effect when a [[{{OBP|Pokémon]]|species}} comes out of them, instead of the usual flash of light. The majority of them can be purchased in the Sunyshore Market in [[Sunyshore City]], where the selection changes daily. However, there are an additional 28 seals (letters A through Z and the exclamation point and question mark), obtained by showing {{p|Unown}} to a boy in [[Solaceon Town]]. This can be repeated as often as needed - a new Unown is not needed each time.
Eight seals at a time can be attached to any Ball Capsule. They can be set on the {{player}}'s [[PC]]. Where they are placed on the Ball Capsule will affect where the effect is displayed upon the Pokémon's release.
A [[glitch]] on the [[Global Trade StationTerminal|GTS]] allows [[Player character|the {{player]]}} to get an [[item]] called [[{{DL|List of dummied out key items|Seal Bag]]}}, which holds 10ten seals. Its function was superseded by the [[{{DL|List of key items in Generation IV|Seal Case]]}}.
Once a seal is bought, it cannot be sold or thrown away legally.