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Southern Island (Mystery Dungeon)

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Southern Island 孤島
Solitary Southern Island
Southern Island RTDX.png
Description: A gorgeous island in the southern seas. It is said to be visited often by the Eon Pokémon.
Predominant type: Dragon
Capacity: 2
Method to obtain: Buy for 9,500 Poké
Friend Area

Southern Island (Japanese: 孤島 Solitary Southern Island) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team that can be bought from the Wigglytuff Club for 9,500 Poké after beating Rayquaza. It is the only Friend Area in the Southern Isles area, and it has a capacity of two Pokémon. Upon buying it and getting HM Surf from Solar Cave, the player gains access to the Northern Range dungeon.



Southern Island is a tropical island with several bushes and a palm tree. It has stones and flowers scattered around the island, and a set of stairs leading to the main part of the island.


Pokémon Location
380 Latias Rescue at Pitfall Valley (B25F)
381 Latios Rescue Latias at Pitfall Valley (B25F)


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