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Every Side Of Me
English movie ending themes
I Choose You
M19 EDE.png
Dub ED 19
Artist Dani Marcus
Lyrics Ed Goldfarb
Composer Ed Goldfarb
Arrangement Ed Goldfarb
Pokémon album
Title Pokémon Movie Music Collection
Catalog no. N/A

Soul-Heart is the ending theme for the English dub of Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. It is written and composed by Ed Goldfarb; performed by Dani Marcus, with guitars by Stan Cotey; and mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman.



One of a kind
Forged of steel
From a beautiful mind
And with a mighty heart
That drove men apart

A forgotten plain
Where only the damaged remained
That's where I found my destiny
One more lost refugee
Come with me

Feel my Soul-Heart
If you've been seeking a new start
Let me be your guiding light
'Til the end of the night
Close your eyes
Know my Soul-Heart
Keeping watch over the rampart
Let me be your shining star
Leading bright from afar
From whoever you were
To whoever you are
Feel my Soul-Heart now

Dry all your tears
I've returned after so many years
Let the creatures I cherish flourish now
This is my vow

Know forever my Soul-Heart
Anyone seeking a new start
Let me be your guiding light
'Til the end of the night


  • According to Ed Goldfarb, the line "Let the creatures I cherish flourish now" was originally intended to be "Let the creatures I care for flourish now" but was changed at the last minute.

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