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Every Side Of Me
English movie ending themes
I Choose You
M19 EDE.png
Dub ED 19
Artist Dani Marcus
Lyrics Ed Goldfarb
Composer Ed Goldfarb
Arrangement Ed Goldfarb
Pokémon album
Title Pokémon Movie Music Collection
Catalog no. N/A

Soul-Heart is the ending theme for the English dub of Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. It was written and composed by Ed Goldfarb, performed by Dani Marcus, with guitars by Stan Cotey, and mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman.



One of a kind
Forged of steel
From a beautiful mind
And with a mighty heart
That drove men apart

A forgotten plain
Where only the damaged remained
That's where I found my destiny
One more lost refugee
Come with me

Feel my Soul-Heart
If you've been seeking a new start
Let me be your guiding light
'Til the end of the night
Close your eyes
Know my Soul-Heart
Keeping watch over the rampart
Let me be your shining star
Leading bright from afar
From whoever you were
To whoever you are
Feel my Soul-Heart now

Dry all your tears
I've returned after so many years
Let the creatures I cherish flourish now
This is my vow

Know forever my Soul-Heart
Anyone seeking a new start
Let me be your guiding light
'Til the end of the night


  • According to Ed Goldfarb, the line "Let the creatures I cherish flourish now" was originally intended to be "Let the creatures I care for flourish now" but was changed at the last minute.

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