A Smoochurro stand as seen in Mesagoza

Smoochurro (Japanese: チュロスにチュ! Smooch Churros!) is a chain of vendors located across the Paldea region.

In the games

Churros purchased at Smoochurro can be consumed to gain different types of Meal Powers.


Smoochurro has branches in the following locations:

Branch Detail
Artazon South of the Artazon Gym
Levincia Southern half, near the Levincia (South) Pokémon Center
Northern half, near the Levincia (North) Pokémon Center
Medali Near the Medali (West) Pokémon Center
Mesagoza Near the Mesagoza (East) Pokémon Center


All Smoochurro stalls sell the same products regardless of branch.

Name Cost Image Meal Power Description
Churro  850   Exp. Point Power: Psychic (1)
Catching Power: Ground (1)
Teensy Power: Fire (1)
Standard Churro. Nothing fancy, but it's tasty all the same.
Chocolate Churro  950   Encounter Power: Psychic (1)
Item Drop Power: Bug (1)
Raid Power: Normal (1)
A churro covered in chocolate. Nothing fancy, but it's tasty all the same.
Cinnamon Churro  900   Catching Power: Dragon (1)
Egg Power: (1)
Teensy Power: Grass
This Churro is covered in cinnamon. Nothing fancy, but it's tasty all the same.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 親親吉拿棒! Chān-Chān Gātnàhpáahng
Mandarin 親親吉拿棒! / 亲亲吉拿棒! Qīn-Qīn Jínábàng
  French Youpi Churros
  German Chu-Chu-Churros
  Italian Ritorno al Fu-churro
  Korean 강추 추로스! Gangchu Churros!
  Spanish Como Churros

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