A slate (Japanese: のせきばん slate) is a type of item introduced in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in the version 1.1.0 update. Slates can be placed into pedestals inside their respective rooms in Ramanas Park in order to summon Legendary Pokémon.

All slates can be purchased at Ramanas Park for 3 Mysterious Shards S or 1 Mysterious Shard L each.

List of slates

Name Games Room
  Kanto Slate SP Kanto Room
  Johto Slate BD Johto Room
  Discovery Slate BDSP Discovery Room
  Soul Slate BDSP Soul Room
  Genome Slate BDSP Genome Room
  Squall Slate SP Squall Room
  Rainbow Slate BD Rainbow Room
  Oceanic Slate BDSP Oceanic Room
  Tectonic Slate BDSP Tectonic Room
  Stratospheric Slate BDSP Stratospheric Room
  Distortion Slate BDSP Distortion Room


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