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Shining More Tomorrow

On the Road Together
Korean ending themes
Curious About Everything
내일 더 빛날 우리들
Nae-il Deo Bitnal Urideul
Shining More Tomorrow
DP ED 02
Artist 방대식
Bang Daesik
Lyrics 김주희
Kim Juhui
Composer 방용석
Bang Yongseok
Arrangement 방용석
Bang Yongseok

Shining More Tomorrow (Korean:내일 더 빛날 우리들 Nae-il Deo Bitnal Urideul) is the second ending theme for the Korean dub of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. It debuted in DP062, replacing On the Road Together. It uses the same animation from the corresponding Japanese ending theme, Message of the Wind.


Ending animation

The word "Pokémon" in English flashes by in different colors of the rainbow. The camera then scrolls by the characters and their Pokémon, first Ash's, then Dawn's, then Brock's. Ash throws a Poké Ball, then Brock, then Dawn in a blue dress. The camera switches to Ash and Pikachu under a cherry blossom tree with some of the flowers falling off the tree and floating in the wind. Pikachu jumps on Ash and he picks Pikachu up. The two share a special moment.

Next, Zoey and Kenny are shown in front of a staircase of light. As the camera scrolls upward, Piplup is seen on a step, and then Dawn sits on the top step in a puffy yellow dress with pink ribbons. The camera gets a close up, and her hair and the ribbons are flowing in the wind. Then, Dawn, Piplup, and Buneary are shown in the pink cheerleading outfits from Ash's first Sinnoh Gym battle against Roark. The camera flips its view to show a crowd of Nurse Joys and Brock running to them with a bouquet of roses. Brock gets a close up, his eyes as hearts. Croagunk appears from behind, threatening him with a Poison Jab. Brock winces in pain.

Next, Jessie as "Jessilina" flies over a city at night on a broomstick, holding a lollipop that must be magical, because she uses it like a wand and casts it at James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet and turns them into chibi versions of themselves. A much bigger chibi Jessilina appears in front of them, scaring them away. Finally, Ash, Brock, and Dawn are chasing a group of Butterfree in the sunset. The three stop at a cliff and watch the Butterfree fly away.



TV Size

Korean English
신나게 신나게 꿈을 향해 달려가
함께 나누고 맹세한 약속 가슴에 빛날꺼야

너와 마주하고 느끼는 바람의 향기
파란 하늘만큼 내 맘도 맑아져
마냥 웃음이 나

눈 앞에 펼쳐진 꿈으로 향해 가는 계단
조금 두렵지만 약해지지 않아
조금 더 힘을 내

운명은 잘 모르지만 분명한 것 한가지
최선을 다하는 게 진정한 승리야

신나게 더 신나게 내게 주문을 걸어
어떤 힘겨운 일들도 즐기며 나는 해낼 거야

오늘도 또 내일도 쉬지 않고 달려가
내일 더 빛날 우리의 꿈들과 미래를 기대해줘
Run towards your dreams with excitement
The promises we shared and vowed are going to shine in our hearts

Meet and feel the wind’s aroma
My heart becomes as clear as the blue sky
Laughter spills out

Stairs to our dreams appear before our eyes
Even though I’m a little scared I won’t become weaker
Just give a little more strength

Though we can’t know our fate, one thing is certain
That doing our best is true victory

Enchant me a spell with even more excitement
I'll enjoy any difficulties and pull through

Run ceaselessly both today and tomorrow
Expect for our dreams and future which will shine more brightly tomorrow
On the Road Together
Korean ending themes
Curious About Everything
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