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Serena (game)/Quotes

Quotes from her male counterpart: Calem (game)/Quotes

These are Serena's quotes in the Pokémon games.


In the core series

Pokémon X and Y

Vaniville Town

"Welcome to Vaniville Town! My name's Serena. I'm your neighbor."
"The esteemed Professor Sycamore lives here in the Kalos region. I was told he has a request for five kids, including us. But I'm a little surprised he knows who you are. You did just move to Vaniville, after all."

Aquacorde Town

"This is the meeting place, <player>. Here, let me introduce you. Everyone, this is <player>."
"So, <player>, this is Tierno. He's got some serious dance moves, and... This is Trevor. He never misses a single question on his tests, but he's a little shy..."
"Why don't you decide what we should call you?"
"Nice to meet you, Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie. I'm Serena. Because of you, I can be a real Pokémon Trainer. Thank you!"
"In Kalos, kids are chosen to carry a Pokédex and go on an adventure. But you need to give that letter to your mom before you go."
"If you have a Pokémon partner you have nothing to fear from wild Pokémon."

Route 2

"Well... Mom and Dad may be good, but that has nothing to do with me. OK, now, watch carefully, you two."
"Make sure you weaken a Pokémon before throwing any Poké Balls at it."
"Shauna... What do you think your Chespin/Fennekin/Froakie is inside of right now? Here, I'll share some Poké balls with the two of you."
"Sure. You can catch the Pokémon around here just by throwing a Poké Ball near them."
"When you catch a wild Pokémon, it makes your Pokémon stronger too. Good luck!"

Santalune Forest

  • After first right turn
"Santalune Forest huh? Might be a good place to test my skills."
  • After passing patch before Lass Anna
"Do you have any Poké Balls?"
"Here you go."
"The weaker a wild Pokémon is, the easier it is to catch."
"So, you're the first to arrive. Looks like my new neighbor is someone with a lot of potential."

Route 3

"I'm going to go to Santalune City's Gym and challenge the Gym Leader. You see, Pokémon Trainers find out how good they really are by challenging the Leaders in the Pokémon Gyms."
"It's because Mom and Dad taught me so much. Here, I have something for you guys: "Adventure Rules." I wrote down 10 different tips every Trainer should know. Here's one for you! If you are puzzled about something, try looking in these rules."

Sycamore Pokémon Lab

"Sorry to have kept you waiting."
"A Pokémon battle, huh? Sounds good. Let's get started."
  • After battling Professor Sycamore
"You'll be together for a long time, so just take your time."
"I feel that being different from others makes me special. Mastering Mega Evolution will definitely set me apart from other trainers!"
"There's something I want to talk to you about. I'll be waiting for you in Café Soleil, neighbor!"

South Boulevard

  • Outside Café Soleil
"Could you come here for a second?"
  • Inside Café Soleil
"Oh, it's Lysandre and... Is that Diantha? Just so you know, neighbor, Lysandre is the head of Lysandre Labs, which created the Holo Caster, a video-messaging device. You already know who Diantha is, right? She is one of the most famous movie stars in the world, after all. I wonder what the two of them are doing here together?"
"My name is Serena, and this is..."
"I guess if you're a Pokémon Trainer, you battle everyone, no matter who they are."
"Oh, that's right! I have something to ask you, neighbor. Would you be willing to compete with me to see which one of us will become stronger? I know we set off on our journey just after you arrived in Vaniville... But we are neighbors, and I think it would be fun to have a competition with you. Just so you know, I won't lose though."

Route 7

"We should all have a Pokémon battle. Now, how should we pair up? Hmm... Let's go with Tierno and Trevor against <player's nickname> and me."
Yes:"OK, <player's nickname>. Since we're neighbors, we might as well battle together, right?"
No:"Oh, I get it. You don't just charge right into battle blindly, do you?"
  • After Battle
"It sure is interesting to see how different each Trainer's style is. Well, I guess we should head off to Ambrette Town, then."

Ambrette Town

  • Upon entering
"This is Ambrette Town. You just go through the aquarium to get to Cyllage City, but... First, we should go to the Fossil Lab and have them tell us about Fossils. We might even learn something about those mysterious stones related to Mega Evolution."
  • Fossil Lab
"Wait for me."
"My name is Serena, and this is <player>. We're researching Mega Evolution, and we were wondering if you know anything about it."
"Oh. I see... Well, if you don't know anything about Mega Evolution, then..."
"What should I do? Well, I'm already here, maybe I should go talk to that assistant... Are you going to Glittering Cave, <player's nickname>?"

Glittering Cave

"There are two members of Team Flare... Well then, are you ready to team up and battle them?"
No:"Need to get ready? OK! I'll be waiting."
Yes:"I just fought with another one of these Team Flare guys."
"If you just want to make people in Team Flare happy, why don't you just do that? But if you're going to go around threatening other people, we won't let you get away with it!"
"I'm a Trainer! Protecting my partners is what I do... Come on, let's go look for that researcher from the Fossil Lab."
  • After finding scientist
"Did you find him?"
"Are you OK? Did Team Flare come here?"
"Don't worry about it."
"It looks like he was completely absorbed in looking for Fossils..."
"Well then, I'll take this one."
"Well, we went looking for the assistant, and found that suspicious group called Team Flare as well... I guess I should train more so I can travel safely with those Team Flare people running around. In that case, I guess the best thing to do would be challenge the Cyllage City Gym."

Geosenge Town (First Visit)

"<Player>, was someone from Team Flare here just now?"
No:"You don't need to protect me! I chased a Team Flare Grunt here. But the only thing past here is a dead end... There's something very weird about Team Flare..."
Yes:"He was here... But he isn't anymore, is he? And the only thing past here is a dead end... There’s something very weird about Team Flare..."

Tower of Mastery

"Some Pokémon evolve through friendship, and others only evolve in certain places."
"Trust... In other words, the bond between Trainer and Pokémon!"
"<Player>, let's battle for it! Whatever the reason, a battle gives us an opportunity to compete and see who Vaniville Town's best trainer really is!"
"Are you ready?"
No:"You're very cautions, aren't you?"
Yes:"I will master Mega Evolution and set myself apart from other Trainers. I'll also do it for my Pokémon--we've come so far together, and they never stopped believing in me, their Trainer."
  • Before battle
"You and your Pokémon are stronger... I can tell just by looking at you. But I will not lose. No... I'm going to win!"
  • Being defeated
"So, I lost, then..."
  • After battle
"It was so strong! I could feel how powerful the bond between you and your partner is. Losing is frustrating, but... You will definitely be able to Mega Evolve your Pokémon! I'm sure of it!"
"I'll bet the professor will be happy if you master Mega Evolution. That's one way you can show mastery as a Trainer."

Shalour City (after obtaining the Mega Ring)

"Here, neighbor. you should use this. If you use the HM Surf, you can travel over the water. When I think about it, it's kinda amazing how a person like you came to Kalos and ended up traveling with me. It's kinda like destiny in a way."

Coumarine City (Holo Caster)

"<Player>, I challenge you to a battle in front of the Gym! Prepare yourself!"

In front of Coumarine City Gym

  • Before battle
"I'm sorry I'm late! So, could you show me Mega Evolution? Of course, whether you use Mega Evolution in battle or not is entirely up to you, but... I'd like to know what the potential of a Pokémon really is...
  • Being defeated
"As a Pokémon Trainer, I find you really interesting."
  • After battle
"Even though we set out from Vaniville Town at the same time, you somehow became stronger than I am. What could be so different about us? Well, good luck with your Gym Battle. Do your best, OK?"

Route 14

"Oh, hi, <player's nickname>."
"I'll leave filling up the Pokédex to you guys, Trevor. I don't like it when everyone does the same thing anyway..."
  • Before battle
"There sure are many different kinds of Pokémon in Kalos. Now it's my turn! Let's have a Pokémon battle, <player>!"
  • Being defeated
"I really enjoy battling with you, but I'm getting tired of losing every time..."
  • After Shauna shows up
"Oh. Hi, Shauna. When did you start watching?"
"So, Tierno, have you found any good Pokémon for your dance team?"
"Hmm... I think I'll pass! I'm sure it's just a rumor, and I want to spend some time with my Pokémon before heading to Laverre City."

Poké Ball Factory

"We were supposed to meet them here, too... I wonder what the matter is."
"Team Flare? There might be something happening inside. Let's check it out while the guard is gone!"
"With a red suit like that, you must be a member of Team Flare, right? Did you have to take a part-time job at the Poké Ball Factory to pay for that ugly suit?"
"I'll take care of this! You go on ahead!"
"We'll see about that! Sorry I'm late!"
"You might want to check your numbers. Are you really even scientists?"
"Can you help me fight them, neighbor?"
No:"Got it!"
Yes:"Let's go!"
  • After Team Flare leaves
"I think you should pick first."
"Th-thank you! This seems like a lot..."
"So, they stole Poké Balls, right? That means they must be planning something they need many Pokémon for. I heard that Team Flare was also behind the trouble at the Power Plant. Pokémon... And electricity... What could they be after?
"Team Flare messed everything up. It's not a good time right now."
"That's right, Trevor. Team Flare... ... ..."
"Thank you. Everyone's OK, thanks to you! But if I keep relying on you like this, going on this journey will lose its meaning..."

Route 17 (Holo Caster)

"<Player>. This time, I challenge you to a battle in front of Anistar City's Gym! Prepare yourself!"

Anistar City

  • Before battle
"Let me show you how much stronger I am! I did say we were going to be rivals back in that café in Lumiose City, after all."
  • Being defeated
"Am I just not good enough to bring out the best in my Pokémon?"
  • After battle
"My Pokémon are so much stronger now, but you and your Pokémon are still one step ahead of us... Anyway, I'll heal your Pokémon. Here."
"You and your Pokémon are good enough to beat the Gym Leader. Go for it!"
"I'm sure getting the Psychic Badge wasn't too much trouble for you. Right, <player>?"
"I think I'll challenge you to a daily battle when this trip is all said and done. Seems like the neighborly thing to do! Let's have a rematch! Battling though Trainers is the best way to get stronger, after all!"
"What could this be?"
  • After Lysander's Holo Caster broadcast
"What... was Lysandre saying? Wiping the slate clean? Eliminating everyone by Team Flare?! <Player>! Let's go look for Team Flare's headquarters! Where could Lysandre be? Perhaps he's were we first met him... In Luminose City..."

Geosenge Town

"When I was in Lysandre's lab, the masked heroes told me what is going on. They also told me what Team Flare plans to do with the ultimate weapon! C'mon! Let's stop Team Flare... No... We have to stop Lysandre himself. The world isn't corrupt enough to give up on yet!"

Team Flare Secret HQ

  • Control Room
"We're not going to let you use the ultimate weapon!"
"But that doesn't give you the right to destroy everyone but the ones Team Flare chooses!"
"That's different! We competed for it, but..."
"What about Pokémon?"
"Tears... Why?!"
"It's not over yet! <Player's nickname>! Let's look for the Legendary Pokémon! Trainers are protected by Pokémon, but they protect Pokémon, too, right? Look! You can see the entrance to the lower floors over there!"
  • In the hallway
"I get what Lysandre is trying to say, but his methods are insane!
"Let's hurry."
"I don't believe it... What are you doing here?"
"I'm the one who should be apologizing. You came all the way out here, and I wasn't very considerate of your feelings... You are right. Friends should stick together. <Player's nickname>, we should all go together, right?"
Of course!: "I knew you'd agree! OK! Shauna, <player's nickname> and I will go ahead. Stay close to us, OK?"
But...: "I know you're concerned because it's dangerous. But it would be more dangerous for her to go back alone... Shauna, let's go together!
"The ultimate weapon... What will happen if it's used?"
"Anyway, we have to hurry and stop it!"
"It's an electronic lock. What should we do?"
"Amazing, Shauna! You and Clemont's device are both full of surprises..."
"So... We're finally here. The Legendary Pokémon is inside. Let's go help it!"
"We're in the deepest part of the headquarters... It's somehow hard to breathe in here."
"Oh, Shauna... This again? <Player>! You take care of things here! I'll protect Shauna!"
"What a relief... Now they can't use the ultimate weapon."
"The Legendary Pokémon is gone, so you can't use the ultimate weapon anymore, right? You don't have to worry about the future all by yourself... I think everyone should work together to make a better, beautiful world..."
"<Player>! Shauna! Let's get out of here!"

Geosenge Town

"Thank you... We're all fine. Are you guys all OK, Tierno?"
"Thank you, <player's nickname>. I have so much respect for you as a friend. It's because I respect you that I want to beat you in battle as your rival! I really mean it!"

Victory Road

  • Before battle
"<player>! Wait a second!"
"I've been thinking ever since all that trouble in Geosenge. Lysandre chose only Team Flare. You and I chose everyone but Team Flare. But since our positions forced our hands, you can't really say any of us were right. That's why I feel that... If both sides have something to say, maybe it's best to meet halfway... So, I made a decision... From now on, I don't want to battle just to win but to see how you and your Pokémon think and feel! That's the kind of Pokémon Battle I'm going to have with you right now!"
  • Being defeated
"So, I still can't beat you... You know, it's because I met you that I was able to get this far... Well, our journey's not over yet! Who knows how strong we'll get."
  • After battle
"It's hard to put a finger on it exactly, but I feel like you and I are alike. And that's why I didn't want to lose to you. But I think the reason we're so alike is because we have so many things in common. I'm really happy that we're friends..."
"I'm renewing my rivalry with you! Since you're my rival, I want you to become a stronger and stronger Pokémon Trainer. We'll keep getting stronger, too, of course! I suppose the first step is mastering the power that comes from the bond between me and my Pokémon, just like you did! Do your best at the Pokémon League! An awesome Trainer like you can handle it!"

Kiloude City

  • Before battle
"Hey, <player nickname>? Would you battle with us?"
No: "Oh, that's disappointing."
Yes: "My Pokémon and I will show you what makes us special!"
  • Being defeated
"I'll think about what you did well and use this loss to make me better!"
  • After being defeated
"When we first set off on our journey, I thought it was really important how different I was from everyone else."
"But that doesn't really matter, does it?"
"Of course I'm different from others."
"I'm the only me!"

In spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Main article: Serena (Masters)

Serena's regular and seasonal variants share their voice lines unless mentioned otherwise.

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • After being recruited
"Hi there! My name's Serena. I turn my friendship with my Pokémon into pure strength!"
  • After being recruited subsequently
"I knew we’d run into each other again! I feel like the friendship we have with our Pokémon connects us."
  • Sync pair viewer
"Being different from others isn't a bad thing—we're all different by nature! I'm the only me and you're the only you!"
  • Selection screen (forming team)
"You can always count on me!"
  • Upon learning a new move
"Woohoo! Can't wait to see what we can do!"
  • Upon leveling-up
"We're getting so strong!"
  • Upon reaching max level
"Woo! I feel on top of the world!"
  • Upon unlocking a new level cap
"Eeheehee, we're just getting started!"
  • Upon evolving Pokémon
"I can't believe it! You're amazing!"
  • During conversation
"Leave it to me!"
"Thank you!"
"You're kidding me..."
"Not okay!"
"You've got this!"
"Catch you later!"
"Eeheeheeheehee, hee!"
  • During special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, how's it going? Have you worn that outfit before? I'm loving this style on you!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Make sure you give it your all today. Battling tough Trainers is the best way to get stronger!"
  • During special log-in conversation (morning)
"I like to take my time getting ready in the morning. I've gotta make sure I look my best!"
  • During special gift conversation
"Here you go!" (Palentine's 2021)
"Here, this is for you!"
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • VS screen
"Are you ready?"
  • Battle start
"Come on!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"Come on!"
  • Using Trainer move
"Watch this!"
  • Using Sync Move
"We'll show you what makes us special!"
  • Defeat
"Aww, how did we lose?"
  • Victory
"That's the power of friendship."
Story Event - Serena's Dessert Party
  • A Sweet Pick-Me-Up
"Oh! Hi there, Jasmine."
"Sorry if we startled you. It's just that you seemed worried about something."
"I can see why that worries you. I wish there was something I could do to help..."
"I know! Why don't we make a delicious cake?"
"In Kalos, we make desserts that can cheer up our Pokémon and strengthen our bonds with them."
"I think eating desserts is a good way to fill Pokémon and their Trainers with joy."
"All right! Let's get ready to make a cake! I hope you'll help, too, <player>.
  • On the Hunt for Berries
"This forest looks like the perfect place for us to gather the ingredients for the cake!"
Why a forest, though?: "Because I want to use fresh Berries to make the cake."
We can't get them in town?: "Nope! I want to use fresh Berries to make the cake."
"I'm sure I can whip up something delicious. Just leave it to me!"
"Oh, hello, Wally."
"Don't worry about it. You seem to be having fun training with Gallade."
"In that case...maybe we should make a big cake! One big enough for a party!"
"Hehe. Of course! Let's do it together!"
  • Surprise Setback
"Thanks to everyone's help, we managed to gather all the ingredients we need."
"This should be enough for us to make a big cake, but..."
Are we missing something?: "We don't have a cake pan that's the right size."
What's wrong?: "I just realized that I need to look for a cake pan that's the right size."
"I hope we can find one in a shop around here."
"Good idea!"
"<Player> can go with me, and you and Wally can go together, Jasmine."
"Hey, how about that row of shops over there? Let's go down the line and check out each one!"
"Hehe! We did it! We found the perfect cake pan."
"I'm glad we visited all those shops, even if it did take a while. Now we need to hurry and meet up with Jasmine--"
"Oh! Look!"
"U-um! Elesa!"
"I've been a huge fan of yours for such a long time! You're so glamorous!"
"Good luck!"
"Wow... Elesa is so cool."
"What's wrong, Fennekin?"
"What?! Our bag of ingredients is gone!"
  • Time to Join Forces!
"I'm so sorry. It's all my fault--I shouldn't have let myself get distracted."
"And after we worked so hard to gather them..."
Let's go look for those ingredients!: "'re right. Now's not the time to get down on myself."
Whoever did this is gonna pay!: "Yeah, that's right. Now's not the time to get down on myself."
"We need to do something about this so we can cheer up our Pokémon!"
"Let's track down whoever stole the ingredients and get them back!"
"That has to be it. And masked men can only mean..."
"I have a good idea where Team Break might be hiding."
"Probably, if it comes to that. But they should understand if we explain the situation to them."
"As long as they haven't done anything else bad, we can let them off the hook this time if they just give us back our ingredients."
  • If You Play with Fire
"Yes. That's very important to us."
"I can't believe you... Don't you know how hard it is for Trainers when their Pokémon are feeling down?"
"If you're going to keep doing things that upset people..."
"then I'm going to show you just how upset I am through a Pokémon battle! And no matter what, I won't lose!"
  • The Sweetest Cure-All
"There's enough for everyone. Eat as much as you like!"
"O-of course not! Please help yourselves."
"Oh! Did you and Brock just have a battle, Elesa? I would have loved to see that!"
"I guess the cake was a success, then! Thanks for your help, <player>. I couldn't have done this without you."
I'm glad this cheered everyone up!: "Me, too! Don't underestimate the power of desserts!"
The power of desserts is amazing!: "Yes, it is! Don't underestimate the power of desserts!"
"Still, seeing everyone here having so much fun together..."
"I can't help but think that this might actually be the best way to cheer up our Pokémon!"
Story Event - Family Ties
  • Let It Go, Lusamine
"Are you trying to keep an eye on her in secret or something?"
"Yeah! Lisia and Candice both have an amazing sense of style. Trust me--she's in good hands."
"Umm, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen..."
"It's not going to be easy to move on from your past ways if you continue on like this, Lusamine..."
Story Event - Dazzling Dizzying Battle Stage
  • Get Tough or Go Home!
"Th-that was...really tough..."
"I can relate to that feeling of wanting to pursue beauty!"
"But if you keep this up, you'll end up a Battle Girl before you know it..."
Story Event - Baking Buddies
  • Happy Palentine’s Day!
"Hey, <player>!"
"Would you like to do something fun for Palentine’s Day with us?"
"We even changed outfits into something more suited to the task!"
"We’re going to go ahead and make our way to town. We’ll see you there later!"
  • Clumsy but Genuine
"Hey! Over here!"
"Now that you’re here, let’s get started collecting the ingredients we need to make sweets."
How do we do it?: "By having Pokémon battles at the ingredient shops!"
Collect? We aren’t buying them?: "When we find ingredients we want, we have to challenge that store to a Pokémon battle!"
"Right! So all we have to do to get ingredients is win battles!"
Sounds good! I’m ready to battle!: "That’s the spirit! With you and Dawn here, getting all the ingredients we need will be a piece of cake!"
OK! Let’s get lots of ingredients!: "Yeah! With you and Dawn here, gathering ingredients will be a piece of cake!"
"We’re going to make Poké Puffs. They’re a popular treat in Kalos."
"As far as ingredients go, we’ll need frosting, chocolate, and Berries."
"I think the perfect shop for us is right over there!"
"Hello, Cheryl. Is something wrong?"
"I see. So there’s someone you want to show your thanks to, but you’re not very good at making sweets?"
The more the merrier!: "I don’t mind, either. Let’s make some tasty sweets together!"
It sounds like fun!: "It sure does. Let’s all have fun making some tasty sweets together!"
  • Pal Collaboration!
"That sounds great! Would you mind if we tagged along?"
"Sorry for showing up without notice. Would it be OK for us to make sweets with you?"
"This oven has such fine controls! It’s so easy to use!"
"With all these tools, we’ll be able to make way better sweets than we’d planned on!"
"Hmm... Maybe check the heat you’re using, too?"
"Oh, Whimsicott! Would you bring us some new ingredients, please?"
"What? These sweets..."
  • Thank-Yous All Around
"I’m glad we found you. We got worried when you just suddenly ran off."
"Let’s all go back to Professor Bellis’s lab together, OK?"
"I believe in you! These sweets of yours show just how much heart you have!"
"That’s a great idea! Instead of making two smaller ones, we can just make a single big one!"
"That might be just the idea to make this work!"
"I was having fun, too. I sure would like to make sweets with you again!"
"It’s cooked just right, and you’ve decorated it perfectly as well!"
"Me too! All right, now it’s our turn to do our best!"
"Let’s show everyone just how thankful we are for them!"
  • Serena’s Gift
"I’m so glad you came!"
"Hehe. This is kind of embarrassing, but..."
"Well, you see..."
"the reason I called you out here today is because I had something I just had to give you!"
"Here it is! Palentine’s Day sweets from me to you!"
"I made another one later after we all made our sweets together."
"It’s tasty. I guarantee it! Actually, it may be the tastiest thing I made today!"
"I worked really hard on it. I hope you’ll accept it."
Of course!: "Hehe. Thanks!"
Thank you!: "No, thank YOU!"
"It’s thanks to you that I’m able to have so much fun here on Pasio."
"If you don’t mind, let’s continue on our adventure together!"
"I’m relying on you more than you know..."
"so I hope we can keep having fun together, <player>!"
Sync pair scout
  • Upon being recruited
My Pokémon and I will show you what makes us special!
Pokémon Center
  • Special Serena's Dessert Party story event intro with Jasmine
"Back in Kalos, I used to make desserts a lot."
"Eating desserts fills people with joy and brings everyone closer together, don't you think?"
"Hehe. Then maybe we should have ourselves an impromptu dessert party."
"How about you, <player>? Would you like to help us put this together?"
  • Special Serena's Dessert Party story event conversation with Jasmine
"Eating desserts can fill people and Pokémon alike with joy, don't you think?"
"Ack! Just thinking about it makes me wish I had some desserts right now!"
  • Random conversation
"During my travels, I met a man who claimed the world had become ugly and would be razed by conflict."
"But I believe there's more to the world than that."
"We're all capable of connecting with one another--forging bonds and sharing joy and hardship alike."
"Seeing the way and your teammates get along has only reinforced that belief for me!"
  • Random conversation
"A Trainer I've wanted to meet forever is here on Pasio!"
"It's Elesa, Unova's biggest fashion icon! She's both a model and a Gym Leader!"
"She's incredible! She takes these outfits that are so big and bold, yet so delicate and subtle, and wears them stunningly!"
"She's what every kid with a taste for fashion wants to be when they grow up!"
  • When spoken to again
"Isn't it wonderful how you can just stroll through Pasio and see styles from different regions? Not to mention Trainers in sygna suits?"
"It's a paradise for Trainers and fashionistas!"
  • Random conversation
"Kalos has a good number of boutiques across its towns and cities."
"During my travels, one of my personal objectives was to go on a little fashion tour of the shops around the region."
"Hey, I just had an idea! Why don't you and I go shopping together sometime soon, <player>?"
"It'll be great! We can pick out clothes for each other and see how they look..."
"and then take our new threads out for a stroll through town! Doesn't that sound like fun? Hehe!"
  • When spoken to again
"It's so exciting to learn about other people's tastes and preferences."
"Sometimes you get to hear or see ideas you never would've come up with yourself!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hi there, <player>! I had a feeling you'd show up today!"
"You'd better keep yourself in tip-top shape, because I'll be coming for another battle with you soon!"
  • Special log-in conversation (generic)
"Hey, how's it going? Have you worn that outfit before? I'm loving this style on you!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"Morning! Make sure you give it your all today. Battling tough Trainers is the best way to get stronger!"
  • Special log-in conversation (morning)
"I like to take my time getting ready in the morning. I've gotta make sure I look my best!"
  • Special gift conversation
"I've got something nice to give you!"
"Here you go! I have a feeling it'll come in handy when you're out exploring!"
"So, was that a handy present or what?"
"If I find any other neat stuff, I'll make sure to share it with you!"
  • Special gift conversation (Palentine's 2021)
"Here, I got this present for you!"
"I really put my all into getting it for you, so I hope you treat it well."
  • Special Baking Buddies story event blurb (Palentine's 2021)
"I can’t wait to get baking!"
  • Special Baking Buddies story event conversation with Palentine's 2021 Dawn (Palentine's 2021)
"Hey, Dawn, have you decided who you’re going to give sweets to for Palentine’s Day?"
"Hehe! Thanks, Dawn. I’ll be sure to give you some, too!"