Sea Spirit

The Sea Spirit

The Great Sea Spirit Sapphire, better known as the Sea Spirit (Japanese: 海のたましい Spirit of the Sea), is a magical scepter that was featured in Dueling Heroes and The Perfect Match!.

It is said to enable the user to communicate with Water-type Pokémon. The scepter is a traditional part of the Whirl Islands lore, being highly revered and passed down through many generations of Sea Priestesses. This included Maya, who used it to officiate the "Sea Spirit Union" by pointing it at the sky. The jewel lets out rays of light, which is said to summon the powers of all Water-type Pokémon and open the Whirl Cup competition.

Its properties of communicating with aquatic Pokémon are similar to the Sea Crown.

In other languages

Language Title
  Italian Spirito del Mare

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