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The Scarf Guy (Japanese: バンダナにいさん Scarf Brother) lives in Pastoria City, in the house nearest to the Route 213 exit. The Scarf Guy lives with his sister and a Pachirisu. His girlfriend is the Massage Girl in Veilstone City, whom he keeps in contact with through mail, which he lets Pokémon deliver. The Scarf Guy checks a Pokémon's condition to see if it is worthy of a Scarf. If the Pokémon's condition is at its maximum value in an area, he will give out the corresponding Scarf to that Pokémon. If not, he will tell the player to improve its condition with Poffins.

The Scarf Guy only gives out one Scarf of each type. If another Pokémon with a maximized stat in the same area is shown he will simply tell the player to feed it more Poffins.

Maxed condition Scarf given out
Cool Bag Red Scarf Sprite.png Red Scarf
Beauty Bag Blue Scarf Sprite.png Blue Scarf
Cute Bag Pink Scarf Sprite.png Pink Scarf
Smart Bag Green Scarf Sprite.png Green Scarf
Tough Bag Yellow Scarf Sprite.png Yellow Scarf


Overworld sprite from
Generation IV


"Howdy, there!"
"Let me examine your Pokémon to see if it's worthy of a scarf!"
"Hmhm... I see..."
  • If any condition is not maxed or the scarf for the maxed condition have been collected
"This isn't what I had hoped to see..."
"I can't lie to you, so I'll just have to tell it to you straight."
"This Pokémon is not bad, but it's not good, either. It's just so-so."
"If you want to improve this one's condition, feed it some more Poffins!"
  • If a condition is maxed and the scarf has not been collected
"Your <Pokémon>'s looking good!"
"I'd say it's pretty impressive!"
"I'll tell you what, I'll give you this <scarf>!"
  • For maxed Cool stat:
"The Red Scarf stands for passion!"
"Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Cool Contests."
  • For maxed Beauty stat:
"The Blue Scarf represents the vastness of the sea!"
"Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Beauty Contests."
  • For maxed Cute stat:
"The Pink Scarf represents charm!"
"Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Cute Contests."
  • For maxed Smart stat:
"The Green Scarf represents the spring breeze!"
"Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Smart Contests."
  • For maxed Tough stat:
"The Yellow Scarf stands for toughness!"
"Let a Pokémon hold it to give it an edge in Tough Contests."

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