Sapphire Field

The Sapphire Field (Japanese: サファイア Sapphire Table) is a pinball table in Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. Its counterpart is the Ruby Field.

The Sapphire Field - click the image to see a more detailed image with a key

Field Features

Catch 'Em Mode

Catch 'Em Mode can be activated by sending the ball through the right loop twice, though some Pokémon only appear when all three Catch 'Em arrows are lit. The mode starts by sending the ball into Wailmer's mouth.

Egg Mode

Sending the ball through the Egg Stand turns on one of the lights. This only works by sending the ball up the lower Egg Loop and not through Spoink launching the ball. Once all four lights are lit, the Egg will hatch the next time the ball is sent through the Egg stand. Afterwards, sending the ball through the Egg stand once more makes a new Egg appear and the process starts over.

Pokémon Mart/EVO Mode

The Sapphire Field shop can be found between Plusle and Minun to the left of the field. Initially, the two electric Pokémon produce a current that creates a barrier in front of the entrance. Hitting both buttons in front of them will stop this and allow access. The barrier returns after leaving the shop or finishing another mode.

Sending the ball through the left loop three times will replace the shop with the activation of EVO Mode. The electric barrier will disappear automatically for this mode.

Gloom will always evolve into Bellossom on this field. Once Huntail and Gorebyss are both in the Pokédex, the player can choose which way to evolve Clamperl.

Travel Mode

Hitting the Seedot switch on the left of the field will make a Seedot appear. Travel Mode starts as soon as three Seedot are on the field.

Bonus Fields

The first Bonus Field focuses on Duskull and Dusclops. The next is a battle against Kyogre. After Kyogre has been beaten twice, the next bonus field will be against Rayquaza and it will then be added to the circuit of Bonus Fields.

The Sealeo Bonus Field can be reached through the help of Pelipper.

Unique features

Hitting the Zigzagoon switch on the right of the field will change the stance of Zigzagoon. When it is positioned to pounce, it will automatically stop the slots on pressing the A button. This allows much greater control over the prize.

Hitting the Pelipper switch in front of Pelipper will make it face upward for a short time. If the ball is sent through the coin loop during this time, it will swallow the ball and fly away. Pelipper will then drop the ball over the Shroomish bumpers or transport the player to the Sealeo Bonus Field.


This is a listing of the areas on the Sapphire Field and the Pokémon that appear there. They are listed in the in-game order:

  Petalburg Forest

Roselia, Slakoth and Tropius are not found on the Ruby Field.


The Lake can not be reached on the Ruby Field.


Volbeat and Seviper are not found on the Ruby Field.


The Desert can not be reached on the Ruby Field.


This area shares many of its Pokémon with the Lilycove area of the Ruby Field, however, Anorith, Clamperl and Magikarp are not found on the Ruby Field.

  Granite Cave

Lunatone, Makuhita and Sableye are not found on the Ruby Field.


Other Pokémon

The following Pokémon can be found in any area, though there is less than a 1% chance of seeing it:

The following Pokémon can only be obtained by beating their mini-games:

  • Kyogre (second time)
  • Rayquaza (second time)
  • Jirachi (available in the slot machine only when at the Ruins)