Ruins are the remains of old or ancient buildings or structures in the Pokémon world. They are often home to rare or even Legendary Pokémon. Several in particular are home to the legendary giants. A few others are filled with the mysterious Unown, often hiding behind some sort of puzzle. Many ruins and old watchtowers can also be found scattered throughout the Paldea region.

The ruins of Pasio are replica ruins, constructed in their current state but modeled after ruins found in other regions. While these are not real ruins, they often spark the interest of Legendary Pokémon such as Giratina and Eternatus.

List of ruins in the Pokémon world

In the core series


  • Pokémopolis - The anime-exclusive ruins of Pokémopolis, located not far from Pallet Town, are the remains of an ancient civilization. Many ancient artifacts have been found in these ruins, including ancient Poké Balls containing giant ancient Pokémon.
  • Pokélantis - The anime-exclusive lost empire of Pokélantis, discovered near Pewter City. All that remains of the ancient city is the tomb of the King of Pokélantis. The tomb is baited with many traps and hides within it several statues of Pokémon, as well as a stone orb containing the evil spirit of the city's malevolent king.
Sevii Islands


  • Ruins of Alph - Ruins filled with Unown, described as "a place where you can find a former adventure." While near or inside the ruins, strange noises known as Mysterious Transmission can be heard on radio channel 13.5. Several scientists frequent the area, listening and studying the ruins to discover more about them. According to these scientists, the ruins are more than they seem, and they suggest that the puzzles in the caves must have something to do with the mystery of the past of the Ruins of Alph.


  • Sealed Chamber - Well-hidden through the underwater currents on Route 134, many legends are told about the Sealed Chamber, but only a few people from Pacifidlog Town know its true existence. Solving the chamber's puzzle is the key to unlocking the caves that hold the legendary giants, the Desert Ruins, Ancient Tomb, and Island Cave.
  • Desert Ruins - Located in the desert of Route 111, Regirock resides in the innermost chamber.
  • Ancient Tomb - Located on Route 120, Registeel resides in the innermost chamber.
  • Island Cave - Located on a small island on Route 105, Regice resides in the innermost chamber. Additionally, under special circumstances, Regigigas can be encountered here.
  • Sky Pillar - This tower was created for the veneration of a Legendary Pokémon that lives far above in the heavens, Rayquaza.
  • Oldale Ruins - An anime-exclusive group of ruins near Oldale Town. These ruins are rumored to contain a stone chamber believed to be a bridge or portal to the ancient Pokémon world. The chamber collapses when forcibly entered, but a stone tablet details four keys that could grant access without causing it to crumble. The first room of the ruins have walls decorated with glyphs of ancient people and Pokémon. The basement chamber leads to an underground lake inhabited by several ancient Relicanth.
  • Baltoy civilization ruins - Anime-exclusive ruins located within Kirikiri Mountain, only accessible via tree hollow. Entering the cave, there are glyphs on the wall from an ancient Baltoy civilization, as well as an ancient structure that, through a Baltoy's Rapid Spin, allows a person and Pokémon to time travel.


Spear Pillar in Pokémon Diamond while under the control of Team Galactic
  • Spear Pillar - Where the Legendary Pokémon Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina were created by Arceus and from which legends say Sinnoh itself was born. It is the present-day ruins of the Temple of Sinnoh. As part of Mount Coronet, it has a special magnetic field that causes Magneton and Nosepass to evolve.
  • Solaceon Ruins - Ruins filled with rooms containing inscriptions in the Unown alphabet. The modern equivalent of the Solaceon Ruins of ancient Sinnoh, then known as Hisui.
  • Celestic Ruins - Located in a cave in the center of Celestic Town are etchings telling the legend of Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. In the anime, the ruins are a temple-like structure with pillars.
  • Rock Peak Ruins - Located in a cave on Route 228. The cave is usually empty, but in extraordinary circumstances, the ruins will appear, containing a 7-dot pattern on the floor and a statue on the back wall. Regirock will appear to any who step on all seven dots and interact with the statue.
  • Iceberg Ruins - Located within Mt. Coronet. The cave is usually empty, but in extraordinary circumstances, the ruins will appear, containing a 7-dot pattern on the floor and a statue on the back wall. Regice will appear to any who step on all seven dots and interact with the statue.
  • Iron Ruins - Located in a cave on Iron Island. The cave is usually empty, but in extraordinary circumstances, the ruins will appear, containing a 7-dot pattern on the floor and a statue on the back wall. Registeel will appear to any who step on all seven dots and interact with the statue. In the anime, these ruins instead have a connection to Dialga, Palkia, and the Spear Pillar.
  • Summit Ruins - Anime-exclusive ruins located near the Pokémon Summer Academy and Mt. Coronet. A construction accident at the ruins revealed a secret cave believed to be an entrance to the Ghost World. A ghost girl emerged from the open portal within and tried to lure people into the Ghost World, but she was pushed back into the portal by a wild Dusknoir, after which the ruins collapsed, sealing the portal.
  • Dandelion Island ruins - Anime-exclusive ruins guarded by Pokémon set as traps. Within the ruins themselves lies a Claydol guarding ancient pottery.


  • Abyssal Ruins - A sunken temple containing an ancient tomb said to be the resting place of an ancient king. It is filled with valuable relics and rare stone tablets. Explorers will hear dull sounds of increasing intensity as they walk around the tomb, and anyone who takes more than 500 steps within the tomb will be washed away by a torrent of water and sent back to the surface.
  • Dragonspiral Tower - The oldest tower in the Unova region, it is not known who built it or when it was built. Sealed inside is the body of a legendary dragon destroyed and changed into a stone, said to be waiting for the emergence of a hero. It is said that this tower is where Legendary Pokémon are created and slumber.
  • Dreamyard - The overgrown ruins of an abandoned research facility; a plant site used as a playground for children and Pokémon.
  • Relic Castle - Ancient ruins with a glorious history, buried in the sand as time went by. They consist of the ruins of a city built by one of the twin heroes and his corresponding dragon, said to have been the heart of a civilization for people and Pokémon in the Unova region. The civilization dates back to at least 2,500 years ago, at which point it was at its peak.
  • Underground Ruins - A mysterious door in the Clay Tunnel gives access to the Underground Ruins, where the legendary giants can be found. Only one giant will appear at a time, depending on which key is active: Regirock can be found in the Rock Peak Chamber; Registeel is locked within the Iron Chamber, only accessible with the Iron Key; and Regice is locked within the Iceberg Chamber, only accessible with the Iceberg Key.
  • Colossus Ruins - An anime-exclusive location found in the Desert Resort. They are a newly discovered set of ruins linked to an ancient city. They come with puzzles for explorers to solve if they want to the face the Colossus, a giant Golurk. The ruins are filled with traps, including doors in the floor, rolling boulders, and sections of wall that threaten to hit passersby. They are triggered whenever a plate with a symbol, similar to the ones on a Golurk, is pressed.
  • Hero's Ruin - An anime-exclusive location filled with traps and coffins, these ruins are the resting place of the "Golden Dark Stone," the mystical item that the Black Hero of Unova myth used to summon Zekrom. In a sub-level of the ruin filled with water, the Golden Dark Stone can be used to reveal inscriptions telling more of the legend of the Black Hero and Zekrom.
  • White Ruins - Anime-exclusive ruins built in and around a dormant volcano, containing the Light Stone, the dormant form of Reshiram.



  • Route 8 ruins - The first area of the route contains ancient ruins, with ladders and stairs connecting its lower and upper sections. Among other wild Pokémon roaming around, the ruins are also home to a group of Falinks, which move between holes in the rocky walls.
  • Rock Peak Ruins, Iceberg Ruins, and Iron Ruins - Located in the Crown Tundra, these ruins each consist of a single room with seven dots on the floor. One must step on all the dots to light them up and activate the statue in the back of the chamber in order to encounter the legendary giants, Regirock, Regice, or Registeel, respectively.
  • Split-Decision Ruins - Located in Three-Point Pass within the Crown Tundra, like the chambers holding the other three legendary giants, these ruins consist of a single room. However, there are ten circular panels on the ground rather than seven. Instead of lighting up all of the panels, one must match the eye pattern of the giant they wish to capture—either Regieleki or Regidrago—and cannot reset the panels after they interact with the statue.


  • Solaceon Ruins - Ruins located in the central area of the Crimson Mirelands. An inscription in these ruins interpreted as ancient wisdom reads: "All lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive". Under special circumstances, Unown will appear here. These ruins are the ancient equivalent of the Solaceon Ruins of modern Sinnoh.

Ultra Space

The Ultra Ruin in the anime
  • Ultra Ruin - A destroyed futuristic Hau'oli City from another dimension where Guzzlord now resides. The ruins are situated on top of a toppled skyscraper. Multiple doors and faded signs for a Tourist Bureau, an apparel shop, a malasada shop, and a salon are visible on it, suggesting the city was arranged as a block of flats.


  • Sinjoh Ruins - A snow-covered area of old legends, surrounded by a wall of snow. These ruins are not part of any known region, though some have been transported here from the Ruins of Alph. Their main feature is the Mystri Stage, a triangular stage inside the ruined temple.

In spin-off games

Mystery Dungeon world

  • Dungeons
  • Friend Areas
    • Decrepit Lab - An abandoned lab built by humans long ago. Left to fall into disrepair, it is now home to Pokémon, particularly those with an affinity for psychic powers. It is a small laboratory in poor condition, with many complex panels, screens, and computers. The screens are turned on, but display only static. In the center is a large red hemisphere, which slowly pulses with light. The lab is located in the Ruins area.
    • Power Plant - Machinery still runs in this long-deserted power plant. Electric-type Pokémon like to gather here. It is an abandoned power plant located in the Ruins area.
    • Aged Chamber A-N - This chamber lies deep inside an ancient ruin. It is said that runes on stone tablets move about in this enigmatic place. It is a ruined temple, with strange throbbing beams of purple light covering the floor. It is the preferred Friend Area for Unown that resemble the letters of the Latin alphabet from "A" to "N".
    • Aged Chamber O-? - One of two chambers in an ancient ruin. One is named "A-N" and the other "O-?". It is a ruined temple, with strange throbbing beams of green light covering the floor. It is the preferred Friend Area for Unown that resemble the letters of the Latin alphabet from "O" to "Z", as well as the characters "!" and "?".
    • Ancient Relic - The remains of a long-forgotten civilization. Prehistoric Pokémon are said to have lived here in ancient times. It appears to be the ruins of a temple, with hieroglyphics covering sections of the walls. In Red and Blue Rescue Team, there are strange pools of purple liquid on the lower levels; in Rescue Team DX, there is a small fountain instead. There is a large Poké Ball etched into the back wall. It is liked by certain ancient Pokémon, notably including the legendary giants Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.


  • Fiore Temple - This temple was apparently built by people and Pokémon together in ancient times.


  • Oblivia Ruins - These ruins feature murals depicting a prophecy involving certain people, as well as several Legendary Pokémon.
  • Daybreak Ruins - Ruins where the Legendary Pokémon Entei can be found.


  • Granite Zone - An ancient ruin, which is said to have been around for centuries. It inhabitants make sure its traditions remain unchanged and take their jobs very seriously. The leader of this zone is Rayquaza.
  • Sky Pavilion - An ancient ruin floating high above the PokéPark and serves to keep the ties of friendship strong for everyone in the park. Mew can be found hiding here.

Aeos Island

  • Theia Sky Ruins - A massive stadium atop an ancient ruin located on a mountain high above Aeos Island.


  • Ancient ruins - Several ancient ruins can be found scattered throughout the Lental region.
  • Ruins of Remembrance - These ruins slumber on a forgotten island, Aurus Island, their origins a mystery. It's said that they could be the key to understanding the history of the Lental region, and that Pokémon have stood guard here for a long time.

Pokédex entries

A few Pokédex entries mention ancient ruins and structures such as tombs or cemeteries.

Pokémon Description

Growlithe has lived alongside humans since ages ago. Its bones have been found in excavations of ruins from the Stone Age.


Baltoy is a rare Pokémon that was discovered in ancient ruins; primitive wall paintings depicting this Pokémon living among people were discovered in some ancient ruins.


Bronzor have been found appearing in ancient ruins and tombs. Implements shaped like it were discovered in ancient tombs; it is unknown if they are related. The pattern engraved upon its back is held as sacred and can sometimes be found in imagery from ancient cemeteries and other such timeworn places.


A discovery was made in the desert where Sigilyph fly. The ruins of what may have been an ancient city were found beneath the sands.


In Pokémon the Series: Black & White, the Pokédex describes Yamask as "a Ghost-type Pokémon that wanders the ruins of ancient civilizations."

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