Rita and Sue

Rita (Japanese: レイ Rei) and Sue (Japanese: スー Sue) are two characters of the day who appeared in Plant It Now...Diglett Later. They appear to be the youngest residents of Diglett Village.

Sue and Rita

Ash and his friends met them when the group fell into a hole dug by Diglett. Rita explained that the holes were because of invaders coming to their village. Sue asked them if they would help defend their village. In exchange, they would be provided free food and living conditions.

After eating, the two girls left, while the mayor of the Village and a town councilman explained that they needed help. Every year, a gang called the band of Diglett thieves visits the town to steal all of the Diglett. Ash and his friends promised to ward off the thieves.

That night, Ash and the others went to spy on the thieves, but were stunned to see Rita and Sue with the thieves. However, Ash and his friends soon learned that Rita and Sue's grandparents are Diglett Village residents, and the band of Diglett thieves consists of the children of Diglett Village residents. Every year, they "invaded" the village so they could check up on their family members. Now in on the plan, Ash and his friends went along with it, and everything went on as planned.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Rita: こおろぎ さとみ Satomi Koorogi
Sue: 大谷育江 Ikue Otani
English Rita: Leah Applebaum
Sue: Mandy Bonhomme
European French Rita: Guylaine Gibert
Sue: Guylaine Gibert
Polish Rita: Agata Rzeszeweska
Sue: Katarzyna Łukaszyńska
European Spanish Rita: Sandra Jara
Sue: Felicidad Barrio

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