Raindance (Let's Play Pokémon)

Raindance is a Water type deck found in the Let's Play Pokémon guide. The deck is based on the popular Raindance deck archetype.


Named after Blastoise's Pokémon Power of the same name, this deck is meant to do one thing, and one thing only. Play Blastoise and unload your hand, then play Professor Oak and unload your hand, and repeat until you have more than enough Pokémon, Energy, and Trainer cards to win the game quickly.

Early on, you must do two things or the deck doesn't stand a chance. First, you must use all your cards — Computer Search, Pokémon Trader, and Professor Oak — to get Blastoise into your hand. Second, you must keep Squirtle or Wartortle out of harm's way until you can evolve it into Blastoise.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Bill T  
Computer Search T  
Goop Gas Attack T  
Item Finder T  
Mr. Fuji T  
Pokémon Breeder T  
Pokémon Trader T  
Professor Oak T  
Fighting Energy   E
Rainbow Energy   E  
20× Water Energy   E

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