Puzzle University

The Puzzle University is a facility in Pokémon Puzzle League that contains various predefined puzzles. The player solves the puzzles by clearing all the blocks under a certain number of moves. This is located in the Puzzle Village.

The counterpart of this mode in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is Puzzle.


Number of puzzles

In Pokémon Puzzle League, there are 260 predefined puzzles, distributed the following way:

  • The class I with 30 basic puzzles
  • The class II with 30 basic puzzles, 10 action puzzles, and 10 3D puzzles
  • The class III with 30 basic puzzles, 10 3D puzzles, and 10 action puzzles
  • The class special I with 30 basic puzzles
  • The class special II with 40 basic puzzles and 10 action puzzles
  • The class special III 30 basic puzzles, 10 3D puzzles, and 10 3D puzzles

Additionally, there are 15 available slots for custom puzzles.

Entering the Puzzle University

The Puzzle University is found at the northwestern corner of the Puzzle Village map, which serves as the main menu at the start of the game.

Save slots

There are 7 save slots with the names of each player, plus an additional "Guest" slot where no data is saved. Each unused save slot is displayed as "(New)". These slots are used not only in the Puzzle University, but in other modes as well (such as Stadium, Marathon, and Spa Service). The player may choose any slot and press A to play, or press Z+A to completely delete that save slot. If the player chooses a slot with saved Puzzle data, there are "Continue" and "New game" options.

Progress screen

The progress screen contains a list of solved and unsolved puzzles. When a round is available, the player is able to choose any puzzle from that round.

Solving a puzzle

Unlike in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, there is no countdown before each puzzle starts, so the player is able start playing immediately. The player is required to clear all the blocks from the playing field. However, they are only allowed to move the blocks a certain number of times, which is displayed at the right side of the screen. Jigglypuff tells the number of remaining moves. The player may press B at any time to return the blocks to the previous state, except they don't have the chance to do this after the last move has been used, which ends the current puzzle immediately.

When the player successfully solves a puzzle, there is a fireworks animation, and the next puzzle appears automatically.


Unlike in Pokémon Puzzle Challenge, there are no available hints in this game.


The timer displays the total amount of time the player has taken in all puzzles from that save slot, regardless of whether the player has solved or failed the previous puzzles. However, if the player shuts down the game system during an ongoing puzzle, the time taken in the current puzzle will not be added to the timer.

Pause menu

The player may press Start to pause either game, which opens a menu with the options below.

English Notes
Continue Close the pause menu
Restart Restart the current puzzle
Return to Select Go back to the Puzzle select screen


Whenever the player solves a puzzle, the current progress is automatically saved.

List of puzzles and solutions

In other languages

Language Title
  English Puzzle University
  French Universite Puzzle
  German Puzzle Universität
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