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Purity Canyon
Purity Canyon.png
Purity Canyon
Region Johto
Debut Mewtwo Returns

Purity Canyon is an anime-exclusive location in Johto featured in Mewtwo Returns.

It is known for its harsh weather, which tourists are specifically warned about in the local guide book. In the Japanese version, it is said to have tornado-like winds reaching up to 40 km per hour. In the English dub, it advises tourists to avoid the area due to frequent blizzards, thunderstorms, and typhoons.

Due to the extreme weather, crossing the canyon is almost impossible on foot. Instead, a bus passes through once per week (once per month in the English dub) to allow tourists to travel through the area.

Opposite the bus stop is a lodge, which in the English dub is stated to be for tourists who missed the bus and had to wait for the next one. Luna Carson also lives here while conducting her research on the native Pokémon in their habitat.

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