Psyduck (TCG)

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Psyduck has been featured on 29 different cards since it debuted in the Fossil expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Psyduck cards are normally Water-type Basic Pokémon.

List of Pokémon cards featuring Psyduck

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Psyduck   Fossil     53/62 Mystery of the Fossils      
Wizards Black Star Promos     20 Unnumbered Promotional cards      
Psyduck   Team Rocket     65/82 Rocket Gang      
Legendary Collection     88/110        
Psyduck   Neo Destiny     79/105 Darkness, and to Light...      
Psyduck           Sample Set      
Psyduck   Aquapolis     104/147 The Town on No Map     020/092
Psyduck   EX Sandstorm     73/100 Miracle of the Desert     014/053
Psyduck   EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua     44/95 ADV-P Promotional cards     056/ADV-P
Psyduck   EX Team Rocket Returns     70/109 Silver Deck Kit     001/020
Psyduck δ   EX Holon Phantoms     81/110 Holon Phantom     018/052
Psyduck   Secret Wonders     100/132 Shining Darkness      
Psyduck   Platinum     87/127 Galactic's Conquest     026/096
Psyduck   Triumphant     74/102 Clash at the Summit     015/080
Psyduck   Boundaries Crossed     32/149 Keldeo Battle Strength Deck     001/015
Psyduck   Boundaries Crossed     33/149 Cold Flare     015/059
        BW-P Promotional cards     167/BW-P
Psyduck   BREAKpoint     16/122 Golduck BREAK + Palkia-EX Combo Deck     001/016
        XY-P Promotional cards     XY-P
Psyduck     Sun & Moon     28/149 Collection Sun     012/060
McDonald's Collection 2018     2/12        
Psyduck             SM-P Promotional cards     286/SM-P
Psyduck     Team Up     26/181 Tag Bolt     024/095
        Misty of Cerulean City Gym Trainer Battle Deck     001/031
Psyduck     Hidden Fates     11/68 Sun & Moon Family Pokémon Card Game     013/051
Psyduck     Detective Pikachu     7/18 Great Detective Pikachu     010/024
Psyduck     SM Black Star Promos     SM199 Great Detective Pikachu     009/024
Psyduck     Cosmic Eclipse     40/236 Remix Bout     017/064
Psyduck     Evolving Skies     024/203 Jet-Black Spirit     009/070
        Start Deck 100     076/414
Psyduck     Astral Radiance     028/189 Space Juggler     016/067
Psyduck     151     054/165 Pokémon Card 151     054/165
151     175/165 Pokémon Card 151     175/165
Misty's Psyduck
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Misty's Psyduck   Gym Heroes     54/132 Hanada City Gym      
Misty's Psyduck   Gym Challenge     90/132 Leaders' Stadium      
Sabrina's Psyduck
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Sabrina's Psyduck   Gym Challenge     99/132 Challenge from the Darkness      
Slowpoke & Psyduck-GX 
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Slowpoke & Psyduck      Unified Minds     35/236 Miracle Twin     011/094
Unified Minds     217/236 Miracle Twin     095/094
Unified Minds     218/236 Miracle Twin     096/094
Unified Minds     239/236 Miracle Twin     107/094

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