Professor Telesu

Professor Telesu (Japanese: テレス博士 Dr. Telesu) is a character of the day who appeared in A Crowning Achievement.

Professor Telesu

He is an archaeologist who was studying hieroglyphics near a lake full of Slowpoke that suffered a drought after an earthquake. According to the hieroglyphics, a Slowpoke needed to evolve into a Slowking to save the colony, but the Shellder in the lake kept on latching on to the Slowpoke and causing them to evolve into Slowbro. His daughter's Slowpoke was able to make it, and was intelligent enough to lead the Slowpoke and Slowbro into an underground cave where water was plentiful.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 相沢正輝 Masaki Aizawa
English Dan Green
European French Jean-Marc Delhausse
Polish Ireneusz Machnicki
Brazilian Portuguese Figueira Júnior
European Spanish Juan Antonio Arroyo

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