Professor Brown

Professor Brown (Japanese: ブラウン博士 Dr. Brown) is a character of the day who appeared in We're No Angels!.

Professor Brown

Professor Brown is a scientist who strives to use his inventions to help the people of a village near his lab. His lab is inside a castle on a hill that he moved into a few months prior to the episode. A few weeks after having moved in, Professor Brown sent down a robot at harvest time, which, as he is very shy, was meant as a gift for the villagers. However, the helpful actions of his robots were misinterpreted as dangerous, and thus the villagers initially viewed him as evil.

When commanding his robots to send his ‘gifts’ and ‘big surprises’, Professor Brown had a habit of laughing and stating that he hoped the villagers would enjoy it. He also had the habit of occasionally peppering his speech with nervous laughter. Professor Brown seemed shocked when the villagers accused him of being a villain, stating that he was a scientist.

Later, Professor Brown suggested to Team Rocket that they put the seed-sowing wing's seed spitter into reverse, as it would act as a vacuum. Upon activating the vacuum and vacuuming the Taillow, the villagers cheered him and afterward thanked him for saving the village. A villager asked if he would consider making more of the farming robots, and that if he agreed they would all assist him in any way they could. Professor Brown agreed and the villagers welcomed him to the village, of which Professor Brown stated was a true honor.

Professor Brown seemed to care deeply for his robotic creations, for when the Meowth-robot cornered his robot and was about to attack it, he ran up to his robot and said “Golly no, please don’t hurt my little robot!”

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 長島雄一 Yūichi Nagashima
English Matt Hoverman
Spanish Latin America Humberto Vélez
Spain Fernando Hernández

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