Pokémon Virtual Fest

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Artwork of the Pokémon Virtual Fest

The Pokémon Virtual Fest (Japanese: ポケモンバーチャルフェスト Pokémon VIRTUAL FEST) was an event being held on the virtual social networking service Cluster from August 12 to 31, 2020. The park's theme is "Let's make some summer memories together." (Japanese: みんなでつくる、夏の思い出).



The Entrance (Japanese: エントランス) area acts as a hub world that connects to each of the areas. It also features various advertisements and trailers for the Pokémon games, anime, movies, and Trading Card Game.


The Tutorial (Japanese: チュートリアル) area contains four displays including an introduction, the controls, and instructions for how to play with friends.


The Park (Japanese: パーク Park) or Theme Park Area (Japanese: テームパークエリア) features various attractions. It is divided into four areas: the park entrance (Japanese: パーク入口), the attraction area (Japanese: アトラクションエリア), the store area (Japanese: ストアエリア), and the beach area (Japanese: ビーチエリア). Various attraction were added over time, with the attractions listed below accessible as of August 28, 2020.

From August 29 to 31, the final event Summer Stage (Japanese: SUMMER STAGE) will take place in the theme park. It will be set at nighttime and feature the Pikachu Virtual Dance Show 2020 (Japanese: ピカチュウバーチャルダンスショー 2020) and fireworks displays. On August 31, the artist Pikotaro will debut a collaboration song titled Pika and Piko as part of the grand finale Summer Stage Final (Japanese: SUMMER STAGE FINAL). The finale will also be live-streamed on YouTube.

Attraction area
  • Pokémon Gigantic Ferris Wheel (Japanese: ポケモンキョダイ観覧車)
  • Galarian Weezing's Exciting Train (Japanese: ガラルマタドガスのわくわくトレイン)
  • Snorlax's Fluffy Trampoline (Japanese: カビゴンのふわふわトランポリン)
  • Wailord Sky Ocean Cruise (Japanese: ホエルオースカイオーシャンクルーズ)
Store area
  • Inteleon's Target Practice (Japanese: インテレオンの射的屋さん)
  • Dugtrio's Ring Toss (Japanese: ダグトリオの輪投げ屋さん)
  • Psyduck's Dream Shop (Japanese: コダックのドリームショップ)
  • Fish! Magikarp: Fishing of Magikarp (Japanese: 釣るぞ!コイキング フィッシングオブコイキング)
  • Pokémon Decoration Café Terrace (Japanese: ポケモンデコレーションカフェテラス)
Beach area
  • Seven-colored Beach (Japanese: なないろビーチ)
  • Lapras's Maritime Athletics (Japanese: ラプラスの海上アスレチック)
  • Pokémon Dream Balloon (Japanese: ポケモンドリームバルーン)



In the missions, a group of players can cooperate to solve and complete an escape room-style challenge. There are three kinds of missions: maze missions, word puzzle missions, and riddle missions. They were designed by SCRAP Co., Ltd.

There are three missions in total. All of them are available as of August 22, 2020.

Mission 1

Mission 1 (Japanese: ミッション1) consists of three stages. In each stage, there are clues scattered throughout the maze in the form of katakana corresponding to a particular colored shape. In the center of the back of the stage, the colored shapes are arranged in order on the wall that, once combined with the clues, give a hint as to how to complete the stage.

Stage 1

In Stage 1 (Japanese: ステージ1), there are eight clues.

Hint Translation

The answer is dream

The stage is cleared by entering ドリーム dream on the keypad.

Stage 2

In Stage 2 (Japanese: ステージ2), there are 16 clues.

Hint Translation

Press the three-character word that signifies a Champion

The stage is cleared by entering バトル battle on three adjacent buttons of the keypad.

Stage 3

In Stage 3 (Japanese: ステージ3), there are 18 clues.

Hint Translation

Return to the maze and look above the pink heart
矢印える Jump over the wall ahead of the red arrow

The stage is cleared by jumping through and over the wall ahead of the red arrow formed by three of the maze's interior walls, which is located to the left of the line of colored shapes along the back wall.

Mission 2

Mission 2 (Japanese: ミッション2) consists of three stages. In each stage, there are scattered blocks with hiragana on them, each corresponding to a particular square of the crossword. On the wall on the side of the stage, particular numbered squares from the crossword give a hint as to how to complete the stage.

Stage 1

Clue Answer
Across 1 百貨店のこと
A department store
Celadon __________ _____
デパート Department Store
2 英語でようこそ English for welcome ウェルカム Welcome
4 幸運なこと
To be fortunate
The Egg Pokémon
ラッキー Lucky
5 ○○○一周
Around the _____
_____ peace
_____ view
せかい World
Down 1 ピカチュウは
Pikachu is an
でんき Electric
2 片目をつぶること To close one eye ウィンク Wink
3 ○○○活動、○○○チーム、
____ activities, ____ teams,
the Pokémon Fan ____
Name of the River Crab Pokémon
クラブ Club/Crab
Hint こたえは
The answer is
でんせつ Legend

The stage is cleared by placing the blocks for でんせつ densetsu (legend) on the answer squares.

Stage 2

Clue Answer
Across 2 ポケモンのタイプの1つ
One of the types of Pokémon
The surface of the land
じめん Ground
3 ○○○アイス
_______ ice cream
The Ice-type Pokémon "Bai_______"
バニラ Vanilla
5 ○○○をれる
To bring out your ________ ______
________ ______ Headband
きあい Fighting Spirit
6 馬が A vehicle pulled by a horse ばしゃ Carriage
8 ファーストの Comes after first セカンド Second
9 ・○○
Morning, day, and _____
The Owl Pokémon ____nozuku
よる Night
Down 1 タップ○○○、
Tap _____,
break _____,
ballroom _____
ダンス Dance
2 特定のわざでポケモンは
Certain moves can cause a Pokémon to be
affected by the Poison status _________
or the Paralysis status _________
じょうたい Condition
4 宿敵好敵手のこと A longstanding foe or worthy opponent ライバル Rival
5 予約などをすこと To call off an appointment or the like キャンセル Cancel
7 昼食英語 English for lunch ランチ Lunch
Hint こたえを方法
How to find the answer:
 Read what's between one and two
しんか Evolution

The stage is cleared by placing the blocks for しんか shinka (evolution) on the answer squares.

Stage 3

Clue Answer
Across 2 いこと
To be clever
"A sharp ____"
ずのう Mind
7 のこと An older and younger brother きょうだい Siblings
8 挑戦すること To dare someone チャレンジ Challenge
10 英語ではチェーン Chain in English くさり Chain
11 カラカラがっている What Cubone carries ほね Bone
12 一部 Part of a flower おしべ Stamen
13 中学生から算数じゃなくて Starting in middle school, not arithmetic すうがく Mathematics
14 すこと Talking with someone おしゃべり Chatting
Down 1 ルールをること To break the rules はんそく Foul Play
2 昆虫○○○ 動物○○○
Insect ___________, animal ___________
Pokémon ___________
ずかん Encyclopedia
3 他人らせること
To offend someone
"To _______ the Emperor"
Name of a Pokémon move
げきりん Outrage
4 意味のなかったこと
To be useless
"A ____ of effort"
むだぼね Waste
5 これは三文 The _____ ____ gets the worm はやおき Early Bird
6 古典的高尚なこと
Traditional and refined
A kind of music
クラシック Classical
9 ること
Made by humans
Porygon is this
じんこう Artificial
11 ヒトカゲは
Charmander is a
____-type Pokémon
ほのお Fire
12 ポケモン博士一人○○○○○博士
Professor ___ is one of the Pokémon Professors
His first name is Samuel
オーキド Oak
15 はなれたのこと A distant island りとう Remote Island
Hint こたえを最後
The final riddle to lead you to the answer:
 When the sky becomes stars, the ground becomes
Solution そ きようだい ちやれんじ ら
ゲット Get

The stage is cleared by placing the blocks for げっと get on the answer squares.

Mission 3

Mission 3 (Japanese: ミッション3) consists of three stages. In each stage, there is a large room with a panel of buttons with six adjacent small rooms each containing a hint to complete the stage.

Stage 1

The stage is cleared by pressing the following six buttons (in no particular order):

  • White circle (Hint 2)
  • Black cross (Hint 1)
  • White triangle (Hint 5)
  • Black star (Hint 6)
  • White hexagon (Hint 4)
  • White cross (Hint 3)

Stage 2

The stage is cleared by pressing the following six buttons in order:

  1. White circle
  2. White cross
  3. White star
  4. Black star
  5. Black cross
  6. Black hexagon

then pressing the Reset button five times.

Stage 3

The stage is cleared by pressing the following eight buttons (in no particular order):

  • Flower
  • Room (Hint 5)
  • Music note (Hint 2)
  • Crown (Hint 6)
  • Footsteps
  • Clock
  • Watermelon
  • Pipe

then walking through the front right corner of the room.



The player can choose from Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble avatars each time they enter the world. As of August 28, 2020 the player can also choose from avatars based on Sygna Suit Red, Blue, and Leaf from Pokémon Masters EX and Pikachu. It can be changed at any time from the Avatar Selection menu (the hangar icon).


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