Pokémon Tower (Mystery Dungeon)

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Pokémon Tower (Japanese: ポケモンタワー Pokémon Tower) is a mechanic exclusive to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (WiiWare).

A Pokémon Tower.


It is first explained by Slowking, after which the player unlocks the first dungeon to feature them, Sunset RocklandB, Cloudy RocklandS, or Shady Rockland.L

The mechanic allows Pokémon to ride on top of each other while inside a hole in the floor that are marked on the map with a green square. The Pokémon have to be stacked on Pokémon that are the same or larger size in stars; there can't be more than two of the same size in a row. Pokémon in the tower move together and have combined HP that is used to affects Abilities like Blaze while the bottom Pokémon's types are used for type matchup. Abilities like Poison Point activate only for whichever Pokémon dealt the attack. Run Away will disable Pokémon's ability to attack and may cause the Pokémon to form a tower on its own in certain situations; however such Pokémon can't be manually disbanded from tower unless Run Away's effect disappears by healing the tower as the tower does not regenerate HP by moving. A Pokémon can be disbanded from the tower forcefully by certain types of damage, such as throwing items, certain traps like Chestnut Trap or certain moves like Psybeam, as well as warping. Only bottom Pokemon's attacks use up their PP. While the tower is used, Pokémon that are part of it cannot be dismissed back to the Slowking nor can player change the leader. As long as one of the Pokémon in the tower is immune to weather, the entire tower doesn't take damage.

While in a tower, Pokémon cannot use Avalanche, Bide, Focus Punch, Revenge, Sketch, Transform, or any move with a charging turn.

Enemy Pokémon can appear in towers; while bottom Pokémon may spawn at the floor sleeping causing the tower to be immobile, other Pokémon can still attack. Additionally, if an enemy tower defeats one of the party members, only the Pokémon that delivered the KO will evolve; this will disband the Pokémon if it becomes too big to stand on the other Pokémon.

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