Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Novice Investigation Team!

(Japanese: ポケモン超不思議のダンジョンそれいけ!新米調査団 Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Novice Investigation Team!) is an manga adaptation of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. It was published in the October 2015 issue of CoroCoro Comics. It is written by 高枝景水 Keisui Takaeda.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Novice Investigation Team! cover


In Lively Town on the Water Continent, a team of Froakie and Riolu rush to their first day of work at the Expedition Society. Ampharos assigns them to explore the newly-found dungeon CoroCoro Pass, though warns the team of a strong Pokémon reported to be deep inside it. In light of this, Archen is assigned to assist them on the mission.

Froakie excitedly leads the way into the dungeon - though he ignores Archen's warning to be careful, and steps on a Spin Trap. The group finds a staircase and descends to the next floor, where Riolu finds a Slumber Wand. Suddenly, the group is attacked by a Mightyena, which Froakie tries to stop with Bubble. However, the Pokémon's approach is unimpeded, so Riolu jumps in front of Froakie, using Counter to block and return the attack. The team celebrates their victory and continues their trek, during which they encounter a hostile Gourgeist and Doublade.

Eventually, Froakie and Riolu get hungry, so the team makes a campfire to rest. Archen offers Apples to Froakie and Riolu but not himself - instead, he organizes the team's supply bag and advises them to do so in the future. Froakie is impressed by Archen's experience, and muses about his dream to make a complete map of the world - meanwhile, Archen inquires about Riolu's dream. Riolu reveals that he was once human, and that Froakie was the only one among the students of Serene Village that believed his story. Archen is surprised, but believes him. Riolu has a feeling that something strange is happening in the world, and asserts that he wants to help Froakie achieve his dream, in hopes of confirming his suspicion along the way.

As the team reaches the dungeon's depths, Riolu recalls Ampharos's advice, and the team is suddenly attacked by a territorial Garchomp, who approaches from above and declares them intruders. Garchomp uses Hyper Beam on Riolu, who is able to survive due to using Endure. Garchomp attempts to follow up with Dragon Claw, but Froakie disrupts him by using Smokescreen, allowing the team to retreat some distance.

Garchomp charges toward the group and Archen tries to stop him with Smack Down, but it has little effect. Riolu rushes forward with a barrage of Power-Up Punches, aiming to repeatedly increase his attack with each use. Froakie uses Waterfall while Garchomp is distracted, soaking him with water, and Archen commands the team to perform an allied attack. Archen uses Acrobatics, Froakie uses Ice Beam, and Riolu uses Power-Up Punch all together, ending the battle.

The team exits the dungeon and celebrates their first successful mission, naming themselves "Team Novice". Archen notices Latios and Latias fly by, seemingly in a hurry.

In outer space, Deoxys is surprised to see Rayquaza flying out into space, as opposed to flying around the ozone layer. Deoxys suspects that something strange is happening on the planet.

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