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Pokémon Stickers (Topps)

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Pokémon stickers featuring Pokémon found in Kanto as well as characters from the anime were created by Topps in 1999. The collection features 276 stickers in total- including 150 Pokémon from the Kanto Pokédex; 82 other stickers featuring Pokémon- most of which with one or both vertical borders missing, to emphasis the evolutionary or type relationships between Pokémon; 24 glittery stickers; 12 stickers with a gold and glittery background; and 8 puzzle stickers.

The stickers were sold in packs of six, and a sticker album was also made for the set.


List of stickers

Normal stickers

Stickers numbered 1-150 each have a Pokémon on them, relating to their numerical position in the Kanto/National Pokédex order, and have a background that represents the Pokémon's primary type.

In the cases of Pokémon listed below that are related by evolution (and also with a few noted exceptions), either the left, right or both borders on the sticker is removed so that 2 or 3 of the stickers will form a larger sticker when placed side by side in the correct order.

Also, the Pokémon on the stickers follow lexiographical order by their primary type; and each sticker has a background that represents its primary type.

Stickers 151, 152, 153 and 154 form a picture of Ash's face with Pikachu on his head; whilst stickers 237, 238, 239 and 240 put together form a picture of Ash's face with a tiled background of Pikachu heads.

Glittery stickers

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The stickers numbered S1 to S24 in the collection feature a glittery background, with a border depicting many miniature Pokémon.

Gold and glitter stickers

Stickers numbered S25 to S36 have mainly gold-colored backgrounds, with the same glittery border as the rest of the glittery stickers. Most of these stickers have pictures of characters from the anime.

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