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Pokémon Power is the name of a series of mini-magazines which were included in Nintendo Power magazine. The magazines were available as inserts in Nintendo Power volumes 111 through 116, spanning the months of August 1998 until January 1999. The magazines contained strategies for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions as well as Ani-Manga adaptations of anime episodes, translated from the Japanese Pocket Monsters Film Comic series.

The Ani-Manga chapters from these magazines was later released in a volume by VIZ Media, titled Pokémon TV Animation Comic - I Choose You!.

List of magazines

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Cover artwork Number Nintendo Power volume Content
Pokémon Power 1.png One 111 (August 1998) An introduction to the Pokémon franchise and an Ani-Manga of Pokémon - I Choose You!.
None.png Two 112 (September 1998) A walkthrough of the game from Pallet Town through Pewter City and an Ani-Manga of Pokémon Emergency!.
None.png Three 113 (October 1998) A walkthrough of the game from Cerulean City through Vermilion City and an Ani-Manga of Ash Catches a Pokémon.
None.png Four 114 (November 1998) A walkthrough of the game featuring Celadon City and Saffron City and an Ani-Manga of Challenge of the Samurai.
None.png Five 115 (December 1998) A walkthrough of the game from the Seafoam Islands through Victory Road and an Ani-Manga of Showdown in Pewter City.
None.png Six 116 (January 1999) A walkthrough of the game featuring Indigo Plateau and the Unknown Dungeon, how to catch and evolve special Pokémon, version-exclusive Pokémon, a Mew giveaway, and an Ani-Manga of Clefairy and the Moon Stone.

In other languages

The magazines were translated into European French with the title "Pokémon Attrapez-les tous!". At least the first four issues are known to have been translated.

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