Pokémon Pocket Comics: Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Pocket Comics: Legendary Pokémon (Japanese: 爆笑4コマ 伝説のポケモンをさがせ!! Laughter 4Koma Search for Legendary Pokémon!!) is a Pokémon 4Koma manga created by Santa Harukaze.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Japan Shogakukan August 19, 2013 ISBN 4092812272
United States VIZ Media October 6, 2015 ISBN 1421581280


The manga is split into two different stories, each about 90 pages long.

Each story also includes three 6-8 page mini-breaks that feature a short 1-2 page comic about a Pokémon.

Quizzes also make a return in both mini-breaks and the manga pages. However the manga page quizzes usually ask for specific attributes about Pokémon such as "What does Lombre eat" or "Where does Trubbish dwell". While the mini-break quizzes are more picture oriented, such as "Match the correct tail with the correct Pokémon" or "Match the correct head with the correct Pokémon".


Story 1 is about Oshawott and his friends trying to cheer up Pikachu by finding the legendary joke.

Story 2 is about Oshawott and Whismur trying to find the right Legendary Pokémon and the legendary joke.

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