Pokémon Poacher Brothers

The Pokémon Poacher Brothers are a gang of three poacher brothers and characters of the day who appeared in Mother of All Battles. Their respective names are Braggo (Japanese: グルー Glue), Chico (Japanese: チーコ Chico) and Blurt (Japanese: ハンポ Hampo).

The Pokémon Poacher Brothers (left to right): Chico, Braggo, and Blurt


Prior to Lapras of Luxury!, the Poacher Brothers stole Larvitar from the Mt. Silver Pokémon Preserve when it was just an Egg. In the process of stealing the Egg, they shot at and severely wounded the mother Tyranitar. The Egg was later found by a passerby and taken to the Marine Pokémon Laboratory, where Ash and his friends picked it up. The brothers were revealed to be the cause of Larvitar's shyness during its dream in Address Unown!.

The brothers physically appeared in Mother of All Battles. When Ash and his friends tried to return Larvitar, they tried to kidnap the mother once again, and this time, they managed to capture her in a Pokébag capture device. Team Rocket was so impressed by Braggo's bravado and smooth catch that they decided to join the poachers. In a ploy to make a clean getaway with Tyranitar, Braggo and his brothers recruited the trio, even allowing them to borrow their machine. The decoy strategy later failed after the group defeated Team Rocket with their Pokémon, however, and Chico took control of the mecha using his remote. He grabbed Ash's Pikachu and Ranger Mason's Croconaw, and also bundled up Mason and the others in a Pokébag for safe measure. However, Larvitar used Screech, which allowed Tyranitar to free herself and destroy the stolen Team Rocket balloon. Afterwards, the brothers were arrested.


Braggo is the leader, who always speaks in rhyme and orders his two brothers around. Chico is the inventor of the three, being responsible for creating all of the machines the gang uses to poach Pokémon. The third brother is Blurt, who is self-described as quiet, but he is also clumsy, a chatterbox, and tends to break things. Together, the trio is brutish, but overconfident and they have no Pokémon of their own.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Braggo: 高瀬右光 Akimitsu Takase
Chico: 鈴村健一 Kenichi Suzumura
Blurt: 園部好徳 Yoshinori Sonobe
English Braggo: Wayne Grayson
Chico: Sam Riegel
Blurt: Ed Paul
Finnish Braggo: Bruno Lähteenmäki
Chico: Joonas Suominen
Blurt: Arto Nieminen
European French Braggo: Mathieu Moreau
Chico: Jean-Paul Clerbois
Blurt: Frederik Haùgness
Hebrew Brago: עפרון אטקין Efron Etkin
Norwegian Braggo: Even Rasmussen
Chico: Trond Teigen
Blurt: Christian Barmen
Polish Braggo: Andrzej Chudy
Chico: Dariusz Błażejewski
Blurt: Mikołaj Klimek
Brazilian Portuguese Braggo: Sidney Lilla
Chico: Alex Wendel
Blurt: Raul Schlosser
European Spanish Braggo: Juan Logar Jr.
Chico: Álex Saudinós
Blurt: Miguel Ángel Garzón


  • The Pokémon Poaching Brothers' Japanese names, Glue, Chico, and Hampo, are a corruption of the Japanese children song "Gu Choki Pa" (グーチョキパー).

In other languages

Language Title
  Finnish Pokémon-metsästäjät
  German Pokémon-Jäger Brüder
  Italian Fratelli Bracconieri Pokémon
  Norwegian Pokémonjegerbrøderne
  Polish Bractwo Kłusowników Pokémonów
  Swedish Pokémonjägarbröderna

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