Pokémon Mart (Pinball)

The Pokémon Mart (Japanese: Pokémon Shop) or Mart (Japanese: Shop) sells various items in exchange for Coins in Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.

It is accessed from the Pokémon Mart Gate in either the Ruby Field or the Sapphire Field.


Both terms "Pokémon Mart" and "Mart" appear in-game, as well as in the game manual. The term "Poké Mart" from the core series is not used in Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire. In the English game manual, sometimes all-caps is used inconsistently: for instance, both "Pokémon Mart" and "POKéMON MART" are mentioned, as well as both "Mart Gate" and "MART Gate". This happens in some other language manuals as well, such as both French "Boutique" and "BOUTIQUE".


Image Item Price Notes
  Ball Saver (30 seconds) 10 Rescues the ball if it falls in the hole at the bottom.
  (60 seconds) 20
  (90 seconds) 30
Upgrade 40 Changes the ball (for instance, a Poké Ball becomes a Great Ball); once the ball is changed, the scores received from various actions are multiplied.
  Timer Bonus (30 seconds) 40 Increases the timer in various modes, such as giving more time to catch a Pokémon in the Catch 'em Mode.
  Pikachu and Pichu 50 Pikachu and Pichu are kept at the Out Lanes (the sides at the bottom) to prevent the ball from falling.
Bonus Challenge 60 Enters the Spheal Field, either transported by the Whiscash Field in the Ruby Field, or by the Pelipper from the Sapphire Field.
  Extra Ball 99 Increases the number of balls. If all balls are lost, the game is over.


Entering the Mart

Main article: Pokémon Mart Gate and Evo Gate

In the Ruby Field and Sapphire Field, there is a Gate that serves both as Pokémon Mart Gate and Evo Gate; it changes depending on the game context. When it is a Pokémon Mart Gate, it can be used to enter the Pokémon Mart; when it is an Evo Gate, it can be used to start the Evo Mode and evolve a Pokémon.

  • In the Ruby Field, there is the Pokémon Mart and Pokémon Center building. The same building is converted between Pokémon Mart and Pokémon Center. The Pokémon Mart contains the Pokémon Mart Gate; the Pokémon Center contains the Evo Gate.
  • In the Sapphire Field, the passage at the middle of the Plusle Switch and Minun Switch.

Buying items

Once in the Mart, the player may choose an item and press A to buy it, or alternatively just press B to leave without buying anything. The item appears darkened if the player does not have enough Coins to buy it. If the Pikachu and Pichu bonus was already bought, a red "Sold out" strip appears on it. The player is only able to buy one item per visit, at which point they automatically leave.


The Pokémon Mart from Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire plays a slower version of the Poké Mart theme from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.



Pokémon Mart interface (Ruby Field) Pokémon Mart interface (Sapphire Field)

Pokémon Mart Gate

Pokémon Mart
(Ruby Field)
Plusle and Minun Switches
(Sapphire Field)

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese Pokémon Shop
  English Pokémon Mart
  French Boutique Pkmn
  German Pkmn-Markt
  Italian Pokémon-Market
Pokémon Market
  Spanish Tienda Pokémon
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