Pokémon Jump

Artwork from FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokémon Jump (Japanese: ミニポケモンでジャンプ Jumping with Mini Pokémon) is a minigame of the Joyful Game Corner in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen or of the Mossdeep Game Corner in Pokémon Emerald which requires the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter.

In the games


In Pokémon Jump, the player uses their Pokémon to jump rope a Venusaur's Vine Whip while trying to keep in sync with other players' Pokémon. Players control one of their jumping-eligible Pokémon at a time. Two to five players can connect using two to five individual systems, each equipped with a GBA wireless adapter.

There is a time limit and the player that scores best by earning the most points wins. Achieving 200 jumps in a singular game contributes to increasing a player's Trainer Card level.

Bonus points are awarded per perfectly synchronous jump with other players, with more points for each player. If 5 players jump perfectly together, an "Excellent" is awarded along with the maximum bonus points. Multiple "Excellent" jumps in a row forms a streak that is tracked in the player's records.[1]

Synchronized Players Bonus Points
2 50
3 100
4 200
5 ("Excellent") 500

According to the clerk, players may enter Pokémon in their party that are about 2'4" or 0.7m or smaller and do not only swim, burrow or fly; however, Pokémon are actually eligible based on a dedicated list that also includes Pokémon that do not fit that specification (such as Chikorita).

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Any score of at least 5000 points will be rewarded with an amount berries of one random type from the list below, with more berries of the same type for a higher score. If there isn't enough bag space for the amount of berries earned, only those that fit in the bag will be awarded.[2]

Score Berries Awarded
5000+ 1
8000+ 2
12000+ 3
16000+ 4
20000+ 5

Item Location Games
  Leppa Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Lum Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Sitrus Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Figy Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Wiki Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Mago Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Aguav Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 
  Iapapa Berry 1-5 as minigame reward  FR  LG  E 

Allowed Pokémon

NDex Pokémon Jump Speed
001   Bulbasaur Slow
004   Charmander Fast
007   Squirtle Normal
010   Caterpie Fast
011   Metapod Fast
013   Weedle Fast
014   Kakuna Fast
019   Rattata Fast
020   Raticate Fast
025   Pikachu Normal
027   Sandshrew Normal
029   Nidoran♀ Normal
032   Nidoran♂ Normal
035   Clefairy Normal
037   Vulpix Normal
039   Jigglypuff Slow
043   Oddish Slow
046   Paras Fast
052   Meowth Normal
054   Psyduck Slow
056   Mankey Fast
058   Growlithe Fast
060   Poliwag Slow
069   Bellsprout Slow
090   Shellder Fast
098   Krabby Fast
102   Exeggcute Slow
104   Cubone Normal
132   Ditto Slow
133   Eevee Normal
138   Omanyte Fast
140   Kabuto Fast
152   Chikorita Slow
155   Cyndaquil Fast
158   Totodile Normal
167   Spinarak Fast
172   Pichu Normal
173   Cleffa Normal
174   Igglybuff Slow
175   Togepi Slow
179   Mareep Normal
182   Bellossom Slow
183   Marill Slow
191   Sunkern Slow
194   Wooper Slow
204   Pineco Slow
209   Snubbull Normal
213   Shuckle Slow
216   Teddiursa Normal
218   Slugma Slow
220   Swinub Normal
228   Houndour Fast
231   Phanpy Normal
233   Porygon2 Normal
236   Tyrogue Fast
238   Smoochum Slow
239   Elekid Fast
240   Magby Fast
246   Larvitar Fast
252   Treecko Fast
255   Torchic Slow
258   Mudkip Normal
259   Marshtomp Normal
261   Poochyena Fast
263   Zigzagoon Normal
264   Linoone Normal
265   Wurmple Fast
266   Silcoon Slow
268   Cascoon Slow
270   Lotad Slow
273   Seedot Fast
280   Ralts Normal
281   Kirlia Normal
283   Surskit Slow
285   Shroomish Slow
290   Nincada Fast
293   Whismur Normal
298   Azurill Slow
300   Skitty Normal
302   Sableye Normal
303   Mawile Normal
304   Aron Fast
307   Meditite Slow
309   Electrike Fast
311   Plusle Fast
312   Minun Fast
313   Volbeat Normal
314   Illumise Normal
315   Roselia Slow
316   Gulpin Slow
322   Numel Slow
324   Torkoal Slow
325   Spoink Normal
328   Trapinch Slow
331   Cacnea Slow
347   Anorith Fast
360   Wynaut Normal
361   Snorunt Normal
366   Clamperl Fast
371   Bagon Fast

In the manga

Pokémon Jump in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Pokémon Jump appeared as part of a training method designed by Ultima in order to teach Red and Blue the ultimate moves: Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn, respectively. It was their first of three challenges, taking place in what was referred to as The Path of Jumping (The Path of Skipping in the Chuang Yi translation). During the training, Blue had his Charizard grab Saur's vine and run with it while Red and Blue had to jump rope over it without falling. The task was made harder with the floor sliding backward.


  • Even though it requires Pokémon capable of jumping, Metapod, Kakuna, Silcoon and Cascoon are all eligible, despite their obvious immobility.
  • Most Pokémon that are able to fly are not allowed to participate in Pokémon Jump, with the exception of Porygon2, Volbeat and Illumise.

In other languages

Language Title
  French Saut Pokémon
  German Pokémon-Sprung
  Italian Pokésalti
  Spanish Salto Pokémon