Pokémon Insider: The Video

The video tape's box

Pokémon Insider: The Video is a promotional VHS tape that was distributed at Target stores in the United States in 2001. It mainly promotes the third movie, but also promotes other media including the TV show, Pokémon Stadium 2, and Pokémon Live!. Also included are three never before seen dubbed versions of Professor Oak's Pokémon Lecture. It is hosted by James Bum (a secret agent) and Dennis Kenney, the actor who portrayed Brock in Pokémon Live!.


The video starts with an introduction of James Bum, who is wandering around Seattle, Washington. He looks through a marked telescope, where he is briefed on his secret mission, Operation: S.P.I.T. (Secret Pokémon Information Tips), which is vital to all game-loving kids around the world. He must find someone named "Big Thumbs," explained to be the brains behind all the Pokémon games and secrets. He is pointed towards the Public Market Center and then leaves to start his mission. A brief overview of the rest of the video is then given, after which Dennis Kenney introduces himself. Next, a preview of Spell of the Unown is shown, specifically the battle between Entei and Charizard. The audience is then given a behind the scenes look at the dubbing process. This segment features interviews with Michael Haigney (the director and voice of Misty's Psyduck), Amy Birnbaum (voice of Molly Hale), and Eric Stuart (voice of Brock and James). An English-dubbed version of Professor Oak's lecture on Slowpoke is played, and then the video goes back to James Bum looking for information at the marketplace. He is contacted by a talking fish (who claims Qwilfish sent him), and is told to go to the stadium, but is warned not to get caught.

Next, Dennis Kenney provides an analysis of the anime's continuity and how the movies reflect it. Among the examples given are Charizard not being with Ash at the beginning of the third movie because he left it at the Charicific Valley on TV, the fact that Mewtwo actually debuted on TV prior to appearing in the first movie, and that the reason Brock only had a cameo appearance in the second movie was because he was with Professor Ivy for most of the Orange Islands saga. Afterward, a brief preview of events from future episodes is shown. Following the preview, Pokémon music is discussed, particularly the fact that songs have been translated into various languages. A version of the opening Pokémon Theme is shown where it cycles through various languages, including those from the United States, France, Germany, Brazil, Scandinavia, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, and Argentina. Following this is a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the song To Know the Unknown by Innosense, including interviews with the group.

Meanwhile, James Bum is snooping around Safeco Field when a pay phone rings. He is told to dial N-6-4. Upon dialing, he is told he has ten minutes to reach the pier and receive his next clue. Another English-dubbed version of Professor Oak's Lecture plays, this time on Starmie. After Dennis Kenney talks about Mewtwo (with a costume of Mewtwo from Pokémon Live! next to him) a preview of Mewtwo Returns is shown. He then presents a clip of himself as Brock from Pokémon Live! performing the song Two Perfect Girls. He is then shown skating, claiming that though he has mastered playing Brock, none of the character's personality has rubbed off on him. Contrary to this claim, a girl walks by, and he is so distracted by her that he runs into a tree.

At the pier, James Bum finds his final clue in the form of a large yellow envelope labeled "S.P.I.T." Inside is a note reading "Go To Nintendo." He then goes to the Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, infiltrating the facility by disguising himself as a pizza delivery boy. Next, Dennis Kenney explains that many Pokémon make their animation debut in the third movie and its accompanying short. A clip from Pikachu & Pichu is shown, the scene being when Pikachu is taken to the Pichu Posse's clubhouse, where many Pokémon appear. Another English-dubbed segment of Professor Oak's Lecture is shown, showcasing Marowak this time. The scene transitions to James Bum at Nintendo. Big Thumbs congratulates him over the intercom on making it there, and it is revealed that "S.P.I.T.," in addition to being an acronym, is "tips" spelled backwards. He is then given various tips on Pokémon Stadium 2, including using Pokémon Gold and Silver Versions in the Mystery Gift feature to receive new room decor, transferring Shiny Pokémon from Gold and Silver to Pokémon Stadium 2, using nicknames to get different colored Pokémon, using specific Game Boy Pokémon in specific minigames, and how to unlock rental privileges of Mew and Celebi. Big Thumbs then invites James Bum up to his secret office, where it is revealed that he is actually a young boy. They then have a link battle using their Gold and Silver games and help themselves to the pizza James brought. Dennis Kenney then provides an outro.


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Live Cast


  • James Bum's name is a reference to fictional spy James Bond, and his opening line ("My name is Bum. James Bum.") supports this.
  • The number James Bum is told to dial (N-6-4) is a reference to the Nintendo 64 video game console, commonly abbreviated as N64.
  • Dennis Kenney mentions that Pokémon Live! was heading to TV and home video in the near future. While Pokémon.com claimed the same thing at the time, no such broadcast or release ever occurred.
  • The preview of Pikachu & Pichu is undubbed, leaving the original Japanese audio intact.
  • During the Professor Oak's Lecture segments, the numbers Professor Oak presents Slowpoke, Starmie, and Marowak with are their New Pokédex numbers, 80, 168, and 204, respectively, even though their National Pokédex numbers are the ones being used in almost all media. They are listed as "Pokémon GS Numbers".

Dub edits

  • For the Professor Oak's Lecture segments, the slot machine feature has the phrase "Pokémon GS Numbers" (to signify their New Pokédex numbers) digitally inserted onto the red part of the Poké Ball design. Additionally, each time the featured Pokémon's statistics were displayed on the computer screen, all Japanese text is painted out, leaving only the height and weight (which are unaltered, leaving the measurements in the metric system). Also of note are that the title card for the segment and the Pokémon senryū are both omitted, replaced with the CGI Poké Ball from the Pokémon Johto opening (though the music is retained).

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