Pokémon Gold and Silver Official Perfect Guide

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Pokémon Gold and Silver Official Perfect Guide
Versus Books Gold Silver Perfect Guide cover.jpg
ISBN: 0-9706468-0-1
Published: January 15, 2001
Publisher: Versus Books
Author: Versus Books staff

Pokémon Gold and Silver Official Perfect Guide is a strategy guide published by Versus Books. Out of all of Versus Books' strategy guides, it is volume 22 overall. It has 208 pages.


Detailed maps and Walk-through!
Our complete walk-through features maps of every game area, from start to finish! Every item and trainer is listed, every Gym is extensively covered, and every secret is described in-depth!

Full Rosters for Every Trainer
Only Versus Books lists the rosters of virtually every trainer you'll face in Gold and Silver. Now you'll know how to prepare for difficult battles, and how to avoid the ones you just can't win.

Exact Appearance Ratios of Every Game Area!
Know at a glance which Pokémon appear in each area, in which versions, and at what times of the day. Get the exact odds of running into the Pokémon that you need to catch.

Complete Pokédex will all skills, HM, and TM!
Complete Pokédex featuring detailed stats and ALL locations for every Pokémon; old and new alike. ALL the skills, HMs, and TMs at your fingertips - in one easy to reference guide!


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