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Pokémon Global is a fan-made massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) coded using Java. Started in August 2007 by former members of Pokémon: Den of Ages (PDoA), the game has been coded by Pivot, ZombieBear, Ryan and (in recent times) Sienide. Many members belong to the development team, but most members contribute by posting suggestions, maps and game effects, and discussions about the game.


Pokémon Global was set up in August 2007 when members of PDoA left to form their own MMORPG. Since then the team has been developing Pokémon Global using Java and the Eclipse development environment. The first demo surfaced in early 2008, which demonstrated the Player versus Player (PvP) engine based on Shoddy Battle.

In April 2008, Pokémon Global merged with Pokémon Online Revolution and has since then gone on to produce beta version 0.5. The game featured parts of the Johto region in 0.22 and nearly the full region in 0.5. Due to an internal clash between the previous admins/leaders of Pokemon Global and Pokemon Online Revolution, the team was entirely reconstructed in June 2008. Previous admins Pivot (Pokémon Global) and Sienide (Pokémon Online Revolution ) were replaced by Fshy as admin. With Ryan and Viride serving as co-admins. Pivot and Sienide still remained on the teams as programmers. GaMa offered the team his server, to make the game more widely playable. In January 2009, Pokémon Global Beta 0.5 was released and expanded the game dramatically. With this release came a high demand for new content not seen in previous Pokémon games. ObIivion joined the team as Lead Quests & Events Designer in February 2009, and in the coming months the game featured a variety of events including Buneary being catachable in wild grass in Johto over Easter, to Lance showing up in Cherrygrove city as a developer controlled NPC and would battle trainers (for a game that didn't yet feature the Elite 4, this was a big deal).

In August 2009, the game was rebranded to Pokénet, in an effort to avoid copyright issues. Viride left the team and was replaced by LordAdmiral and Perry_Radica as Community Managers. Perry_Radica then went on to become Lead Narrative Designer, to assist ObIivion and help create a cohesive world and story. The naming structure of the version releases changed from number releases to full names.


Beta 0.15

This beta featured:

Beta 0.2

This beta was due in early July. It featured all of 0.15's features along with:

  • Player vs. Player Battles (wagers can be placed on battles also)
  • Trading (Items/Pokémon/Money)
  • Team Creation/Joining
  • NPC Battles (including Gym Leaders)
  • Private Chat

Beta 0.22

The login screen for Pokémon Global.

This Beta was largely an extension of previous Betas.

  • New Chat
  • No Teams
  • New Maps
  • New NPCs

Beta 0.5

This Beta was released in early January 2009. It features:

  • Buildings and caves
  • Aggressive Trainer NPCs
  • Fleeing mechanics
  • Updated user interface
  • All of Johto, except the Whirl Islands and Mt. Mortar
  • Redid bag system
  • Dynamic Map Loading, which allows some users to play the game much faster.

NPC System

Pokémon Global's battle screen.

NPC Trainers in-game will always use Pokémon equal or greater to the player's current level of skill. This is done by evaluating Pokémon in the party and retrieving an average level. Once the average level is calculated, if the NPC is weaker than the player, they'll receive a level boost. The same will go for Gym Leaders until badges can be obtained.

Development team

  • Fshy94 - Administrator / Lead Programmer
  • Ryan - Co-Administrator / Senior Programmer
  • Viride - Co-Administrator / Former Community Manager
  • ZombieBear - Senior Programmer
  • TMKCodes - Developer
  • Pivot - Programmer / Former Administrator
  • Sienide - Programmer / Former Administrator
  • Karai - Programmer
  • Dragina - Lead Graphics Designer
  • ObIivion - Lead Quest & Events Designer
  • Perry_Radica - Lead Narrative Designer / Community Manager
  • Lastplacer - Co-Lead Mapper
  • LordAdmiral - Co-Lead Mapper / Community Manager
  • Firefly17 - Mapper
  • GaMa - Mapper / Server Owner
  • Latias - Lead Wiki Developer

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