Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay

Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay logo Gen VIII.png
Location LaLaport Tokyo-Bay West Building 2F, 2-1-1, Hamacho, Funabashi City, Chiba
Opened November 22, 2013[1]
Mascot(s) Ampharos, Marill & Pikachu
Type Permanent

Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay, officially known as Pokémon Center TOKYO-BAY (Japanese: ポケモンセンタートウキョーベイ Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay), is a Pokémon Center store that opened in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan, on November 22, 2013.[1] The store includes a Pokémon Card Station.


On November 22, 2013 Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay opened in the LaLaport Tokyo-Bay shopping center in in Funabashi, Chiba. For the opening, an Inkay event Pokémon for Pokémon X and Y was first distributed at Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay[2] Customers were also given a Jumbo size Inkay promo card and those who spent over ¥3000 were entered into a raffle to win either a Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay opening tumbler, clear file, or magnet.[3] There was also a range of goods and merchandise to purchase.

In celebration of the opening, the Inkay event Pokémon was made available at the other Pokémon Center stores in Japan,[4] along with a range of merchandise, and a similar raffle.[5]

On November 24, 2023, it was announced that Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay would be closing for refurbishment on January 8, 2024.[6] In anticipation of this closure, customers at the store who spent ¥3000 or more between December 4, 2023 and closing day were given an original A4 clear file. After the store closed, from January 12 to March 4, 2024, a temporary store was opened within the LaLaport Tokyo-Bay shopping center.[6][7]

On March 1, 2024, it was announced that the refurbished store would be reopening on April 12, 2024, and a series of commemorative merchandise was announced.[8][9] 400 people had the chance to attend a "pre-opening" preview of the store on April 11, 2024, and once the store opened, an entry ticket system was put in place to help prevent the expected overcrowding.[10]


  • November 22, 2013 - Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay opens in opened in Funabashi, Chiba.
  • April 12, 2024 - Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay reopens after a refurbishment.

Exclusive merchandise

Opening day merchandise

The following merchandise was available on opening day in commemoration of the event.

Product list  
Product Japanese Price
Pikachu plush ぬいぐるみ ピカチュウ ¥1,200
Mascot Pikachu plush マスコット ピカチュウ ¥680
A4 clear file A4クリアファイル ¥210
General-purpose notebook じゆうちょう ¥170
A5 ring notebook A5リングノート ¥500
Sticker シール ¥350
Set of 5 2B pencils 2B鉛筆5本セット ¥350
Ruler 定規 ¥250
Joined pencil caps ジョイント鉛筆キャップ ¥320
Handkerchief ハンカチ ¥350
Purse 巾着 ¥580
Playing cards トランプ ¥1,200
Mug マグカップ ¥1,200
Metal charm set メタルチャームセット ¥450
Store logo pin badge ロゴピンズ ¥650
Sunflower seed cookies ヒマワリの種入りクッキー ¥650
Inkay LED lights LEDライト マーイーカ ¥3,200
Deck case デッキケース ¥380
Card file カードファイル ¥630

Opening raffle

Customers at the newly opened store who spent over ¥3000 were entered into a raffle where they could win either a drink tumbler (first prize), a B5 clear file (second prize), or a metallic sticker (last prize). Other Pokémon Center stores around Japan held a similar raffle.

Raffle prizes

Refurbishment merchandise

The following merchandise was created to celebrate the re-opening of Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay after its refurbishment in 2024. The logo pin badge was only available in the store, while the other merchandise was also available on Pokémon Center Online.[9]

Product list  
Product Japanese Price
Leisure style Pikachu plush ぬいぐるみ レジャースタイルのピカチュウ ¥2,640
Leisure style Pikachu mascot ぬいぐるみ レジャースタイルのピカチュウ ¥2,640
Ampharos, Pikachu & Marill plush ぬいぐるみ デンリュウとピカチュウとマリル ¥4,950
Marill glowing acrylic charm 光る!アクリルチャーム マリル ¥1,540
Pikachu glowing acrylic charm 光る!アクリルチャーム ピカチュウ ¥1,540
Ampharos glowing acrylic charm 光る!アクリルチャーム デンリュウ ¥1,540
Acrylic charm アクリルチャームコレクション ¥660
Picnic sheet レジャーシート ¥3,300
Cooling tote bag 保冷トートバッグ ¥2,970
Marill water pistol マリルのみずでっぽう ¥770
Mug マグカップ ¥1,650
Hand towel ハンドタオル ¥770
Bath towel バスタオル ¥3,300
Hat (54-56cm)/(57-59cm) ハット (54-56cm)/(57-59cm) ¥3,300
T-shirt M/L Tシャツ M/L ¥3,850
T-shirt 110cm/130cm Tシャツ 110cm/130cm ¥3,080
Socks (19-21cm)/(23-25cm)/(25-27cm) 【選べる】ミドルソックス (19-21cm)/(23-25cm)/(25-27cm) ¥495
Die-cut sticker ダイカットステッカー ¥385
Assorted stickers アソートシール ¥660
Roll of sticky notes ロールふせん ¥660
A5 ring notebook A5リングノート ¥770
A4 clear file A4クリアファイル ¥275
Store logo pin ロゴピンズ ¥770

A4 clear files

After the store refurbishment announcement, customers who spent ¥3,000 or more in store between December 4, 2023 and January 28, 2024, received an A4 clear file featuring the then-logo's mascots.[6] Once the store reopened a second A4 clear file, with a complimentary design featuring the new mascots, was given to customers who spent ¥3,000 or more between April 11 and April 29, 2024.[11]

Promo cards


The store opened in November 2013 in the LaLaport Tokyo-Bay mall, and a large statue of Surfing Pikachu was placed outside the mall. Prior to renovation, the stores mascots had always included Chespin as well as Pikachu, however, they are now Ampharos, Marill and Pikachu, as featured in the store's new logo. The store's new design is "inspired by bay area scenery, such as seaside parks and lighthouses".[8]

Previous logos

In other languages

Language Title
  Japanese ポケモンセンタートウキョーベイ Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
Mandarin Chinese Pokémon Center TOKYO-BAY
  Korean 포겟몬센터 도쿄 베이 Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay

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