Pokémon 4Koma Encyclopedia (Generation III)

(Japanese: ポケモン4コマ大百科 Pokémon 4Koma Encyclopedia) is a manga created by Takahiro Yamashita. Each page of the Pokémon 4Koma Encyclopedia manga contains a 4Koma cartoon depicting a Pokémon, comedically demonstrating a special ability or trait of each Pokémon. It also shows the height, weight and elemental type of each Pokémon, along with official artwork by Ken Sugimori from Generation III.

All the cartoons are presented in National Pokédex order, beginning with Bulbasaur.

List of volumes

Cover Shogakukan Pokémon included
  Volume 1 ISBN 4091480217 July 2004 1-126 (Bulbasaur-Magmar)
  Volume 2 ISBN 4091480225 September 1, 2004
  Volume 3 ISBN 4091480233 October 1, 2004
  Volume 4 ISBN 4091480241 August 1, 2005
  Volume 5 ISBN 4091480462 June 1, 2006


  • Red (based on Red)
  • Green (based on Blue)

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