Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles

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Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles (Japanese: ポケットモンスター 神とよばれし アルセウス Pocket Monsters: Arceus, the One Called God) is a series of four special episodes of Pokémon Journeys: The Series made to promote the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

The episodes were first released in Japan from January 21 to 28, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. In the English dub, the episodes were combined into a 63-minute movie which premiered at a special screening on August 19, 2022 at the Pokémon Worlds Square at the 2022 World Championships in the United Kingdom, and was released worldwide outside of Asia on September 23, 2022 on Netflix.[1]

In Hong Kong, the episodes were released on Viu on July 15, 2022, and on HOY TV from March 12 to 25, 2023. In South Korea, the episodes were combined into a 63-minute movie that was released on KT ollehTV, SK Btv, LG U+tv, and HOME CHOICE Cable VOD on July 21, 2022, and on Netflix on November 11, 2022. In India and Indonesia, it was released on YouTube as a special episode of Pokémon Master Journeys: The Series on August 18, 2023 in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali and on November 25, 2023 in Indonesian.

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A visit to the Sinnoh region turns into a high-stakes adventure when Ash, Pikachu, and friends join forces with powerful Pokémon to confront a looming threat! When Ash, Goh, and Dawn receive a mysterious message from the Mythical Pokémon Arceus, they meet up with Brock and head to Mount Coronet to investigate. There, they find a rampaging Heatran and the commanders of Team Galactic, who are determined to find their missing leader by opening a gate between dimensions. With a trio of Legendary Pokémon and Sinnoh Champion Cynthia on their side, our heroes have lots of help, but they’ll need all they can get to save Sinnoh from being destroyed!


Code Screenshot English title Japanese title US broadcast Japan broadcast Time between
JNS01   The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1) サトシとゴウ!シンオウフェスにゴー!!
Satoshi and Go! Let's Go to the Sinnoh Fest!!
September 23, 2022 January 21, 2022 245 days
JNS02   The Arceus Chronicles (Part 2) ヒードラン爆進!!
Rampaging Heatran!!
September 23, 2022 January 21, 2022 245 days
JNS03   The Arceus Chronicles (Part 3) テンガン山の大熱戦!!
The Fierce Fighting at Mount Tengan!!
September 23, 2022 January 28, 2022 238 days
JNS04   The Arceus Chronicles (Part 4) 奇跡の輝き!シンオウ伝説!
Miraculous Radiance! The Legend of Sinnoh!
September 23, 2022 January 28, 2022 238 days
This concludes The Arceus Chronicles.


Ash Sarah Natochenny Satoshi Rica Matsumoto サトシ 松本梨香
Pikachu Ikue Ohtani Pikachu Ikue Ohtani ピカチュウ 大谷育江
Dawn Emily Jenness Hikari Megumi Toyoguchi ヒカリ 豊口めぐみ
Piplup Michele Knotz Pochama Etsuko Kozakura ポッチャマ 小桜エツ子
Brock Bill Rogers Takeshi Yūji Ueda タケシ うえだゆうじ
Goh Zeno Robinson Go Daiki Yamashita ゴウ 山下大輝
Narration Rodger Parsons Narration Kenyu Horiuchi ナレーション 堀内賢雄
Special appearances by
Cynthia Emily Jenness Shirona Tomo Sakurai シロナ 櫻井智
Saturn Marc Thompson Saturn Akemi Okamura サターン 岡村明美
Mars Lisa Ortiz Mars Rie Tanaka マーズ 田中理恵
Jupiter Kira Buckland Jupiter Chinami Nishimura ジュピター 西村ちなみ
Officer Jenny Emily Jenness Junsar Risa Shimizu ジュンサー 清水理沙

Major events

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The Arceus Chronicles (Part 1)

The Arceus Chronicles (Part 2)

  • Ash and Dawn reunite with Brock, with Goh meeting him for the first time.
  • Brock's Chansey is revealed to have evolved into Blissey.
  • Team Galactic begins to open a portal to bring back Cyrus.
  • Saturn's Heatran goes on a rampage and escapes.
  • Ash, Brock, and Dawn encounter Team Galactic again, while Goh encounters them for the first time.

The Arceus Chronicles (Part 3)

The Arceus Chronicles (Part 4)

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