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Pokémon-France Logo.png
The current Pokémon-France logo
Language French
Status Active
Run November 1999 - Present
Date opened November 15, 1999
Creator Bibou
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Mascot Unknown
Website Home page

Pokémon-France is one of the biggest Pokémon fan sites in France. It was established on November 15, 1999 under the name PokéLord by Mathias "Bibou" Colleau, as a French community-based website dedicated to Pokémon. The project resumed on September 29, 2001 led by Matthew "Might" Castel. On April 3, 2005, PokéLord changed its name to Pokémon-France. The site is still under the ownership of Matthew Castel, but is currently headed by Zhu'.

The site is affiliated with the group Presselite since April 3, 2005, including the site manager France.com Games, hence its name.


1999-2001: Bibou period

  • 15 November 1999: "Bibou", then age 14, starts at the host Pokélord Multimania. The address then was at www.multimania.com/lordpepette. The site also covered the video game Starcraft.
  • January 3, 2000: TF1 diffuse Pokémon for the first time and Pokélord itself as a reference for anyone seeking information about Pokémon on the Internet, by multiplying its traffic in a day by 100, from 30 to 3000 visitors per day .
  • May 2000: Pokélord is forced to close, with Bibou studies;
  • July 2000: The site ressucite with "Mixou" which gives the site a server and a domain name, Pokelord.com
  • September 2000: Bibou uses the site, assisted this time of Mixou. The real Pokélord open forums with Mr.Jul, including developer FFWorld.com (French reference on Final Fantasy).
  • December 2000: Pokélord Pokémon is the site most visited in France behind the official site Pokemon.tm.fr "Planet Pokémon."
  • March 2001: Pokélord is one of the first sites to reveal the names of the official French second generation of Pokémon. It is also threatened with closure because offering many games to download illegally, "Roma".

2001-2002: Transitional period

  • 29 September 2001 with a Bachelor Bibou to prepare the site Pokélord is delegated to Matthew Castel as Co-Webmaster known from this day under the pseudonym of "Might".
  • October 2001: The couple Might-Bibou launches a new version of Pokélord form bubbles colors winning a little success. The previous version is replaced at the end of October.
  • December 2001: Bibou no longer has the time to manage the site and only Might update the site. One wonders about the future of the site Pokélord.
  • 27 January 2002: Bibou officially announces his departure. Matthew Castel is now the site manager.

2002-2004: Before the Pokélord Masters in 2004

At this point, the site is in ruins and Matthew Castel is facing many crises: Bibou departure, landing Pokémon serious competitors, including Yu-Gi-Oh! Golden Sun and that divert public attention from Pokélord. Pokélord will then find its greatest period of transition to get to the organization Pokélord Masters 2004 in October 2004.

  • April 2002: After 3 months of work, the entire contents of Pokélord was reorganized into divisions: Video Games, Solutions, Hosted, Maps FanClub The Site. A new design is implemented.
  • May 2002: A new version of the forum is set up with Satoshi. The service "Automatic fanfics" is launched.
  • June 2002: News Pokémon is strong few months of the release of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire in Japan in November 2002. Side "News" takes over on the side "Sections".
  • July 2002: Bibou having had his tray, he returned to occupy temporarily Pokélord, supported by The-strategist. Bibou leaves the site one last time in early August 2002 and never returned. But bequeathed to pass the domain name to Le-strategist who joined the team as a technician.
  • November 2002: Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released in Japan. Pokélord is among the first to propose a walkthrough and a Pokédex, but also the ROM of the game site has regained color in less than a year and becomes a strong site on the Internet. Furthermore, the Internet out of its financial crisis, the crisis of the Internet bubble.
  • March 2003: The site has changed a lot. Now the site is updated regularly, while Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released in the United States.
  • April 2003: Under an idea of Castel Matthew, the "Passlord" is launched. It takes fashion launched by Microsoft, "Passport.net" supposed to open access to multiple sites. Only Passlord remain internal and Pokélord Passport will among its various services that open successively forums, fanfics, topsites, topteams.
  • July 2003: Garyash Seoxys and join the site to assist Matthew Castel and update site content while Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire released in France. Pokélord knows its second golden age and enjoys extraordinary popularity.
  • September 2003: the success of the site attracts investors curious ... Sam Hassanine advertising offers Pokélord organizing an event Pokémon in late 2003, something that will not take place.
  • January 2004: The site is undergoing a profound change in terms of organization on the advice of Sam Hassanine. Popularity jumped.
  • March 2004: Pokélord design completely changes and acquires a layout based on shades of blue. It becomes the "portal Pokémon."
  • July 2004: Following various "clashes" internal Lund (originally from Passlord) leaves the site, clearing the way part of the site, fortunately saved. The association "Pokélord, the lords of Pokémon" is created by Le-strategist, but Castel Matthew is not a member.
  • September 2004: Pokélord announces its first event, Pokélord Masters 2004.
  • 30 and 31 October 2004: Pokélord Masters 2004 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. The event is located on a small stand of 20m ² in the living Multimedia Show 2004, but receives more than 1000 visitors and with the PES League, the main attraction of the show. The number of slots tournament Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, provided at the base to 128, over 200 passes and even organized repechage. Pokélord credibility is ensured.

2005-2006: Major changes

  • January 2005: Design changes from version 3 and is now in a translucent blue that will remain in place until the end of 2007.
  • March 2005: Meeting with the group Pokélord Presselite multiply. It would issue he joined the Games-France.com website as an affiliate privileged.
  • April 3, 2005: Pokélord now changes its name, it will be called "Pokémon-France" and the address will http://www.pokemon-france.com.
  • 17 and September 18, 2005: Pokémon Masters 2005 event is the second Pokémon site now known by the initials PF. Quality propels the event site and stirs the jealousy of all sites Pokémon French who wish to have their own event. Pokémon fans leave the Internet to focus on events.
  • October 2005: Following the Pokémon Masters 2005, Matthew Castel is excluded from its own site by his team for financial reasons. He returned a few weeks later but faces tensions.
  • January 2006: Following the tensions of October 2005, Castel Matthew decides to separate from the technician, strategist and moved the site, leaving at the same time definitely the name "Pokélord." It is now only the header of the site, accompanied by five "managers" whose nicknames are: Meli, Blast, Jejou, Sam Seoxys.
  • March 2006: Bibou like in 2002, Matthew Castel delegates the site and Jejou Blast to focus on his degree. The situation lasted until July 2006 because of the uncertainty of the situation, no one knows who is doing what in the site header.
  • July–August 2006: Matthew Castel is increasingly isolated, uses the site, but many recruits, including Zhuquarnage, still on the site today. Mélanie Christin (Meli), assists.
  • October 2006: France announces the first Pokémon Pokémon Festival in December 2006.
  • 2 and 3 December 2006: Pokémon Festival takes place in Paris and was a great success despite public quality unsatisfactory, due to major organizational problems and lack of funding for the event.

2007-2011: Pokémon-France is a professional business

  • January 2007: Pokémon-France moved its premises from the 13th arrondissement of Paris.
  • April 2007: The association founded by Matthew CIRCULAR Castel, Sourya "Zhuquarnage" and Anthony "H-Space," opens and manages the site.
  • July 2007: Pokémon-France launches its new version of the home page of the site to accommodate versions Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
  • October 2007: Samy "Shruikan" Senhadji joined the site as editor.
  • November 2007: Pokémon-France should see major positive changes.
  • January 2008: Following the professionalisation of Pokémon-France, the company Circulys (established November 2007) was launched on January 1. It publishes Pokémon-France to replace the association CIRCULAR.

2011 - Present: Another revival attempt

  • August 1, 2011: Zhu, returns to the team site as Site Director, caring and operational management of Pokémon-France. Might is manager and owner of the entity. Many former team as H-space or dentuk also make their return.
  • 27 December 2011: The TopTeams integrates Generation V
  • 28 December 2011: The forums are again reorganized into four sections: General Discussion, Discussions Pokémon Pokémon Help and Support PF.


  • October 30–31, 2004: Pokélord Masters 2004
  • September 17–18, 2005: Pokémon Masters 2005
  • December 2–3, 2006: Festival Pokémon

Current staff

  • Editor: Circulys (SARL)
  • General Director: Might
  • Site Director: Zhu'
  • Redaction Editor: H-Espace
  • Direction Passlord: Patouzarre

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