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This article is about the fansite. For the Pokémon animated series, see Pokémon anime.
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Language Japanese
Status Semi-hiatus
Run 2003 - 2012
Date opened August 16, 2003
Date closed Jan, 2012
Creator Yōnansu
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Mascot none
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Pokeani (Japanese: ぽけあに) is a Japanese-language fan site owned by ヨーナンス Yōnansu. It opened on August 16, 2003, and became the primary resource of Japanese Pokémon news, episode titles, and other information for both Japanese- and English-speaking fans after the popular pokepale! closed in 2004. In addition to the information and news provided by Pokeani, it has message boards for its Japanese-speaking visitors.

On 8 March, 2008, it was subject to a rather infamous episode title/summary hoax in regards to the episodes DP080 and DP081. The hoax involved DP080 claiming that May/Dawn (depending on who won the battle between them) was to fight Wallace to win the Aqua Ribbon, and they also had to stop a berserk Yanmega from demolishing the town, while DP081's summary was alleged to be the debut episode of Mamoswine (and if it wasn't a hoax, possibly Dawn's Swinub).

In January 2010, the webmaster announced Pokeani would close down temporarily toward the end of the month, due to a lack of time to run the site. This followed the shutdown of the bulletin boards and polls on December 31, 2009. The site went through a complete overhaul and made a return in January, 2012. The fansite's domain has expired and since then, it has existed at the temporary domain http://pokeani.s47.xrea.com/.

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