Poké Floats

Poké Floats
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Poké Floats (Japanese: ポケモン亜空間 Pokémon Subspace) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee that is set in the sky over Kanto. In this stage, the characters battle on top of huge Pokémon-shaped balloon floats. It was one of the two stages to succeed the original's Saffron City, the other being Pokémon Stadium. The players battle on slowly-moving Pokémon balloons and must jump from balloon to balloon in order to survive. After a set amount of time, the characters will start over again at the Squirtle balloon.

List of Poké Floats

The following Pokémon appear on the stage in order.

Pokémon Behavior
  Squirtle The starting float. Starts to sink downwards after a short amount of time.
  Onix Appears fron the right as Squirtle is about to disappear, functioning as a long bumpy platform. Eventually sinks diagonally to the right.
  Psyduck Rises up from the bottom left shortly after Onix appears. Stays at the left for a while then rises upwards offscreen.
  Chikorita Appears from the left around the same time as Psyduck. Stays afloat at the right before drifting away.
  Weezing Rises from the bottom right as Psyduck goes offscreen. Starts shrinking as it rises upwards.
  Slowpoke Enters from the left around the same time as Weezing. It slowly uncurls its tail before going offscreen to the right.
  Porygon Three Porygon quickly travel across from the middle of the stage from right to left.
  Wooper Quickly rises from the bottom left then hangs afloat at the right half of the stage. It stays for much longer than most floats. It then moves to the upper-left as Venusaur appears before moving towards the upper-right as Seel is visible as it then floats offscreen.
  Sudowoodo Rises from the bottom left, and continuously rises upwards offscreen.
  Snorlax Rises from the bottom and remains stationary until Venusaur pushes it down.
  Venusaur Enters from the right then travels slowly to the left.
  Seel Follows behind Venusaur while slowly bobbing
  Wobbuffet Pokes out from the right, then quickly retreats before slowly coming back out into full view. After a short time it slowly disappears to the right.
  Unown After Wobbuffet appears, a line of Unown appears. One line goes from right to left while the other goes from left to right.
  Goldeen Quickly jumps up and down from the bottom left, then goes down after the third jump.
  Lickitung Appears from the left with its tongue extended. Starts slowly moving to the right while retracting its tongue, then disappears while extending its tongue again.
  Chansey Jumps up from the bottom-left part of the screen, then from the bottom-right, then from the bottom-left and finally from the bottom-right before disappearing.
  Geodude Travels from the left then stops in the middle, before continuing to the right and going offscreen

After Geodude disapppears, the last few Unown continue traveling before Squirtle reappears from the bottom, then the cycle restarts.


In other languages

Language Title
  French Poké Flotte
  German Poké-Flug
  Italian Pokémon galleggianti
  Spanish Poké Globos

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