Poké Diamond

Poké Diamond in Rumble World

Poké Diamonds (Japanese: ポケダイヤ Poké Diamond) are a premium currency in the Pokémon Rumble series. They first appeared in Pokémon Rumble World.

Pokémon Rumble World

In Pokémon Rumble World, Poké Diamonds can be obtained either by earning them in-game (such as when clearing a Challenge or through StreetPass) or by purchasing them with real money from the Nintendo eShop. The in-game shop acts as the hub to the Nintendo eShop for the purpose of buying Poké Diamonds.

Poké Diamonds can be used in a wide variety of ways. Examples include:

  • Purchasing various items (including Balloons, additional Pokémon storage, Mega Stones, high-power moves, cleansing Rusty Pokémon, and more) from the buildings in the courtyard
  • Exchanging with Miis for hot-air balloon rides
  • Re-inflating balloons faster
  • To continue playing in a stage after a Pokémon's HP runs out



Poké Diamonds United States Eurozone United Kingdom Japan
×50 $0.69 €0.69 £0.69 ¥80
×100 $1.29 €1.29 £1.19 ¥150
×200 $2.39 €2.39 £2.19 ¥290
×500 $5.49 €5.49 £4.99 ¥700
×1,000 $9.99 €9.99 £8.99 ¥1,300
×1,750 $15.99 €15.99 £14.39 ¥2,200
×50 (limited offer) $0.49 €0.49 £0.49 ¥60
×200 (limited offer) $1.79 €1.79 £1.59 ¥240

Poké Diamonds can be purchased in sets ranging from 50 Poké Diamonds (at minimal cost) to 1,750 Poké Diamonds. The pricing is structured so that larger packages net the buyer some form of savings; for instance, buying 1,750 Diamonds saves $8.16 over buying 35 separate packages of 50 Diamonds. There are also one-time limited sales on certain amounts of Poké Diamonds.

The maximum number of Poké Diamonds the player can buy is 3000. Once the maximum limit is reached, the Poké Diamond Digger building will appear, awarding 40 Poké Diamonds a day (20 prior to the Version 1.1 Update). Two VIP Cards, which reduce the costs of certain functions at the Balloon Stop, also become available in the Shop, one reducing the cost to re-inflate balloons to 1 Poké Diamond, regardless of the current time needed for the balloon to re-inflate, while the other reduces the cost of the Timing Stop function from 2 Poké Diamonds to 1.

Earning in-game

Poké Diamonds can also be obtained for free from Miis that visit the player's game through StreetPass, SpotPass, and the "Call Someone Online" feature. One is awarded for every five visitors, with a limit of five Poké Diamonds per day (changing to 100 per five visitors if the limit is reached). These Miis will also appear in stages either being attacked or guarded by one or more Pokémon or standing off to the side.

Rescuing a Mii from a Pokémon will award the player with Ⓟ or between one and three Poké Diamonds, though no more Diamonds will be given if the player has received at least four Poké Diamonds in this way that day. Miis not being attacked or guarded will disappear when approached and may likewise drop Ⓟ, a Potion, or up to three Poké Diamonds; however, Poké Diamonds received from these Miis do not count toward the four-per-day limit.

Rescued Miis that appear in the courtyard that don't offer to take the player to an area may also give the player up to three additional Poké Diamonds when spoken to.

Pokémon Rumble Rush

Poké Diamond in Rumble Rush

In Pokémon Rumble Rush, Poké Diamonds can be used for several purposes.

Use Cost ( )
Searching the map for stages (if the player has run out of Guide Feathers) 10
Exploring Daily Stages 50-300
Increasing Pokémon or Gear storage capacity by 20 100
Rapidly refining ores 1 (for every 3.3 minutes)
Participating in Battle Royale (once the first three free turns are used up) 100


Poké Diamonds can be obtained in multiple ways:

  • Completing Challenges
  • Completing Goals when battling Super Boss Pokémon
  • Rewards for the player's rank at the end of an event
  • Purchasing Poké diamonds at the in-game shop using real money
  • Purchasing Poké diamonds at the My Nintendo website using Platinum Points (100 Poké Diamonds for 300 Platinum Points)


Items Cost
Starter Set:
400 , Spark Gear (Pikachu), 1 additional refining slot for 24 hours
  +   +   $3.99
Plenty of Pokémon Set:
400 , 2 additional Pokémon slots for three days
(one guaranteed to be a Boss Pokémon*)
  + Catch Boost $3.99
Really Refining Set:
600 , 1 additional refining slot for three days
  +   $5.99
Poké Diamond Deal Set:
800 , 80 Poké Diamonds each day for 30 days,
increased Pokémon movement speed by 20% for 30 days
  +   $7.99
100    $0.99
300    $2.99
1,000    $9.99
2,500    $24.99

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶可鑽石
Mandarin 寶可鑽石 Bǎokě Zuànshí
  French Poké Diamants
  German PokéDiamanten
  Italian Pokédiamanti
  Korean 포켓다이아 Poké Dia
  Spanish Pokédiamantes

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