Poké Boy

Poké Boy
モンボー Monbō
HOME Poké Boy.png
Image of Poké Boy from HOME
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Generation VIII
Games Pokémon HOME

Poké Boy (Japanese: モンボー Monbo) is a character in Pokémon HOME. He acts as a help system that can be accessed by pressing the - Button.


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Language Name Origin
Japanese モンボー Monbō From モンスターボール Monster Ball (Poké Ball) and 坊 (boy)
English Poké Boy From Poké Ball and boy
German Pokiba From Pokéball (Poké Ball)
Spanish Pobolín From Poké Ball
French Boball From Poké Ball
Italian Poké-B From Poké Ball
Korean 몬보 Monbo From 몬스터볼 Monster Ball (Poké Ball)
Chinese (Mandarin) 萌寶 / 萌宝 Méngbǎo Transcription of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 萌寶 Màhngbóu

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