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Poison Swamp (Friend Area)

Poison Swamp どくのぬま
Poison Swamp
Poison Swamp.png
Description: A horrid swamp that spews toxic gases. It is literally a utopia for Poison-type Pokémon.
Predominant type: Poison
Capacity: 6
Method to obtain: Buy for 8,500 Poké
Friend Area

Poison Swamp (Japanese: どくのぬま Poison Swamp) is a Friend Area in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. It is available for 8,500 Poké from the Wigglytuff Club after completing the main storyline. It is in the Marsh area, along with Peanut Swamp, and has the capacity of six Pokémon. All Pokémon here are Poison-type.


It is a strange purple swamp, with odd blue mushrooms supporting platforms and stairs.


Pokémon Location
088 Grimer Magma Cavern (B15F-B21F)
Stormy Sea (B20F-B29F)
Silver Trench (B20F-B29F)
Wish Cave (B80-B85F)
Murky Cave (B3F-B5F)
Joyous Tower (80F-85F)
Far-off Sea (B20F-B29F)
Marvelous Sea (B20)
Fantasy Strait (B20-B29)
089 Muk Evolve Grimer
109 Koffing Sky Tower (9F-16F)
Wish Cave (B71F-B75F)
Joyous Tower (65F-70F)
110 Weezing Evolve Koffing
316 Gulpin Buried Relic (B14F-B19F)
317 Swalot Evolve Gulpin

In other languages

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Language Title
France Flag.png French Marais Venimeux
Germany Flag.png German Giftsumpf
Italy Flag.png Italian Palude Veleno
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pantano Ponzoña

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