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Pocket World (Originally launched as Pokémon World) was a monthly magazine published by Imagine Publishing in the United Kingdom. It features content related to the Pokémon video games, trading cards, TV shows and movies, as well as news on other monster toy brands like Skylanders, Moshi Monsters, the Trash Pack, Yu-Gi-Oh! and LEGO.

It was first published in 2000 and changed its name from Pokémon World at the start of 2011 and was priced at £4.99. It was known for its range of brands covered and the number of free gifts, such as sweets, games, trading cards and cheat books.

It had a relationship with the owner of Serebii.net who sometimes wrote Pokémon game tips and hints for the magazine.

Issue 174 which came out in 2015 was its final issue.


The magazine also regularly previewed and looked at the newest games on the market.

As of February 2014 they had begun a regular 'Pokémon League of the Month' feature, which showcased the best Pokémon League in the country, along with pictures from that league. They also often run Pokémon features, such as Top Ten Kalos Pokémon or Six Reasons Why I Love Snivy, as well as extended tips sections for major Pokémon games like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Pokémon X and Y.

Their front covers usually featured Pikachu alongside smaller images of the other features in the magazine.

Their website was updated daily with news about Pokémon and their other key brands.

Regular sections

Regular sections of the magazine included:

  • Tips Towers: Hints, tips and cheats on a range of games.
  • Close Up: An in-depth look at a particular Pokémon.
  • Gameplay Diary: Review of the writer's progress through the latest Pokémon game.
  • Ask Professor Yew: Readers' questions about various games answered.
  • Gallery, Chatter and Design A Monster: Reader photos, letters and drawings.
  • Trading Cards: All the latest Pokémon Trading Card Game news.
  • Puzzle Park: Fun puzzles and brain teasers.
  • Make And Do: Fun things for kids to make, bake or design.

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