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Play Nice
なかよくする Make Friends
Play Nice VII.png
Type  Normal
Category  Status
PP  20 (max. 32)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
May affect anyone adjacent to the user
Introduced  Generation VI
Condition  [[{{{category}}} (condition)|{{{category}}}]]
Appeal  0  
Jam  0  
Condition  [[{{{category}}} (condition)|{{{category}}}]]
Appeal  0  
Condition  Cute
Appeal  1
Jamming  0  
Works better the more the crowd is excited.

Play Nice (Japanese: なかよくする Make Friends) is a non-damaging Normal-type move introduced in Generation VI.



Play Nice lowers the target's Attack stat by one stage and bypasses accuracy checks to always hit, unless the target is in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move such as Dig or Fly. It will hit the target even if it has used Protect, Detect, or Spiky Shield, but will fail if the target is protected by Crafty Shield.

If powered up by a Normalium Z into Z-Play Nice, the user's Defense stat rises by one stage.

Play Nice can be used as a part of a Contest Spectacular combination, causing certain moves (Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Smack Down, Storm Throw and Vital Throw) to give an extra three appeal points if any of them is used in the next turn.


Games Description
The user and the target become friends, and the target loses its will to fight. This lowers the target's Attack stat.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Types Egg Groups Level
025 Pikachu Pikachu
ElectricIC Big.png Field Fairy 7 7
039 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff
NormalIC Big.png
FairyIC Big.png
Fairy Fairy 10XY
216 Teddiursa Teddiursa
NormalIC Big.png Field Field 25 25
217 Ursaring Ursaring
NormalIC Big.png Field Field 25 25
311 Plusle Plusle
ElectricIC Big.png Fairy Fairy 1, 21XY
312 Minun Minun
ElectricIC Big.png Fairy Fairy 1 1
314 Illumise Illumise
BugIC Big.png Bug Human-Like 1 1
511 Pansage Pansage
GrassIC Big.png Field Field 1 1
513 Pansear Pansear
FireIC Big.png Field Field 1 1
515 Panpour Panpour
WaterIC Big.png Field Field 1 1
531 Audino Audino
NormalIC Big.png Fairy Fairy 1 1
574 Gothita Gothita
PsychicIC Big.png Human-Like Human-Like 8 8
575 Gothorita Gothorita
PsychicIC Big.png Human-Like Human-Like 1 1
576 Gothitelle Gothitelle
PsychicIC Big.png Human-Like Human-Like 1 1
594 Alomomola Alomomola
WaterIC Big.png Water 1 Water 2 1
613 Cubchoo Cubchoo
IceIC Big.png Field Field 15 15
614 Beartic Beartic
IceIC Big.png Field Field 9 15
684 Swirlix Swirlix
FairyIC Big.png Fairy Fairy 8 8
685 Slurpuff Slurpuff
FairyIC Big.png Fairy Fairy 8 1, 8
761 Bounsweet Bounsweet
GrassIC Big.png Grass Grass 5
762 Steenee Steenee
GrassIC Big.png Grass Grass 1, 5
780 Drampa Drampa
NormalIC Big.png
DragonIC Big.png
Monster Dragon 1
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In other games


Games Description
SMD It lowers the enemy's Attack.

In other generations

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 和睦相處 Wòhmuhk Sēungchyu
Mandarin 和睦相處 / 和睦相处 Hémù Xiāngchǔ
France Flag.png French Camaraderie
Germany Flag.png German Kameradschaft
Italy Flag.png Italian Simpatia
South Korea Flag.png Korean 친해지기 Chinhaejigi
Poland Flag.png Polish Miła Gra
Spain Flag.png Spanish Camaradería

Variations of the move Confide
Status ConfidePlay Nice

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