Pinkan Berry

A Pinkan Berry (Japanese: ピンカンのみ Pinkan Fruit) is a type of Berry that is only found on Pinkan Island of the Orange Islands. They were first seen in In the Pink.

Pinkan Berries

The Berry has special properties, as it will turn any Pokémon that eats it pink. If a Pokémon eats the Berries often enough, the color change will be permanent; however, if it is only eaten a few times, the Pokémon will soon revert to its normal coloration. When Ash's Pikachu ate the Berries, just the tip of his tail and his cheeks turned pink, rather than his whole body.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Italian Bacca Pinkan From the English name
Polish Różowa Jagoda Literally "Pink berry"
Swedish Rosabär Literally "Pink berry"

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