Pester Ball

Pester Ball artwork from Pokémon Snap

The Pester Ball (Japanese: イヤイヤボール Reluctant Ball) is a multi-colored ball that, when tossed, releases a noxious Pokémon repellent that can knock out or stun Pokémon.

In Pokémon Snap, Professor Oak gives Pester Balls to Todd Snap after he obtains a total score of 72,500 points for all of the pictures in the Pokémon Report. They help him flush out wild Pokémon, provoke an irritated reaction, and sometimes even knock them out of the way.

This item was not included in New Pokémon Snap, due to an apparent desire from the game creators to have players treat the Pokémon more humanely. Instead, an item called fluffruit is used to elicit different reactions.[1]


Appearance in-game in Pokémon Snap

In other languages

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Language Title
  French Agass'Ball
  Italian Palla Fumogena


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