PS609 : Kyogre Returns
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
Hoopa, Connect
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 14 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 14 in Vol. 4
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 610 in Vol. 64
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Meteor Village

(Japanese: フーパ、繋げる Hoopa, Connect) is the 610th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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The Elder of the Draconid people calls upon Rayquaza for guidance as she gazes into the night sky. A Poké Ball falls to the ground and rolls by her feet, and the Elder turns to find Ruby and Emerald waking up. Handing Mumu's Poké Ball back to Ruby, the Elder is able to sense that Ruby and Emerald have used Mega Evolution on their Pokémon before. The Elder explains that they are all in a place called Meteor Village, which exists under Meteor Falls. She informs the two that Meteor Village is the "birthplace of Mega Evolution."

The Elder reveals that the people of the village have rescued Ultima, Mr. Briney, and Drake after the sinking of the S.S. Tidal, and Ruby is overwhelmed with relief. She tells the two that she recognized Drake because the Draconids welcome all Dragon-type Trainers to the village, as well as the Trainers of Kyogre and Groudon. Ruby and Emerald are shocked that she would invite Maxie and Archie, but the Elder explains that they have good intentions. She says that the reason they want to use Primal Reversion is so they can work with Groudon and Kyogre to destroy the meteor. To do this, the two Pokémon must learn Precipice Blades and Origin Pulse, so the Elder has provided a space for them to master the moves.

The Elder explains to Ruby and Emerald that there are three groups trying to stop the meteor: the Devon Corporation; the Draconid people; and Maxie and Archie. Despite the groups having the same goal, they each struggle to trust the others' solution. Ruby asks if the Elder is giving up on the Draconid people's plan, and to his surprise, she reveals that both the Draconids and the Devon Corporation have failed. She calls over Tomatoma, who shows the others a news report that depicts the Devon Corporation's rocket in the ocean. A reporter shows footage taken of the rocket's liftoff, where Sapphire can be seen facing Zinnia. In the video, Zinnia's Salamence swings its claw at Sapphire and Troppy, knocking them from the rocket. Zinnia proceeds to rip the dimensional shifter out of the rocket and destroy it.

Ruby demands to know what happened to Sapphire, but the Elder doesn't have an answer. Tomatoma reveals that Ruby and Emerald had been unconscious at Meteor Village for two days, giving them only four days until the meteor strikes the planet. The Elder takes responsibility for Zinnia's theft of the Draconids' scroll, as well as her mishandling of her duties as Lorekeeper, and Ruby accuses the Elder of choosing to work with Maxie and Archie in order to feel better about herself. The Elder assures them that she believes in Groudon and Kyogre, but Ruby and Emerald express their distrust in the leaders of Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Ruby reveals to the Elder that he is in possession of the scroll, and that Ultima had managed to figure out that it is capable of teaching Dragon Ascent to Rayquaza. Ruby tells the Elder that he believes he is the best person to act as Lorekeeper, not only because he has the scroll, but also because he has ridden on Rayquaza's back before. Smiling, the Elder compares Ruby to his father. She explains that Norman had visited Meteor Village years ago to ask her how to locate Rayquaza, and reveals that he was the one who had rescued Ruby and Emerald after they lost to Maxie and Archie.

Just as Tomatoma prepares to tell Norman that his son is awake, Norman enters the area. Ruby and his father exchange information about cloud trails left by Dragon-type Pokémon, but then the Elder explains that the contrails may not necessarily lead them to Rayquaza. Despite this, the Elder tells them that she saw Rayquaza leave a cloud trail that indicated it was leaving Hoenn. Norman realizes Rayquaza is heading to Johto, where the Pokémon Association's laboratory is located.

As they begin to leave, Norman gives Ruby and Emerald a cartridge to upgrade their Pokédexes. When Ruby asks about Sapphire, Emerald assures him that he will look for her while Ruby and Norman go to Johto. Emerald offers to use Hoopa's portals to get them there, since he has deduced that Hoopa is inspired to create portals by reading people's thoughts. As Ruby and Norman think of the Johto region, Hoopa makes a portal for them to walk through.

Meanwhile, in Johto, Rayquaza can be seen flying over Goldenrod City.

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PS609 : Kyogre Returns
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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