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Series Pokémon Adventures

Goodra Spits (Japanese: ヌメルゴン、吐く Numelgon, Spit Up) is the 604th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Soaring in the sky with Latios, Ruby is making his way to Sea Mauville to apologize to Sapphire and ask her and Emerald to work together with him to stop the meteor. Ruby and Latios discuss where they can find Rayquaza, and Ruby thinks of four places: first, the Sky Pillar; second, the Mossdeep Space Center; third, the village where the Draconid people live; and fourth, the Pokémon Association's laboratory. Ruby finds himself getting slightly emotional, but shakes off his feelings and tells Latios that he is alright.

As the Absorption process continues at Sea Mauville, Sapphire notices the horn on Rara's chest begins to glow, signifying that it is detecting Ruby's emotions. Sapphire becomes distracted when Plusle and Minun hug her, fearful of the Absorption. When Sapphire attempts to ask about the point of having a dimensional shifter, a voice answers her, saying that the Devon Corporation only seeks to use people and Pokémon like tools for their goals. Zinnia is revealed, standing in front of both Team Magma Grunts and Team Aqua Grunts. She introduces herself, and Emerald informs Sapphire that she had helped Team Magma awaken Groudon. Smiling, Zinnia reveals that she had been in Team Aqua to awaken Kyogre, too.

Zinnia sends out a Goodra, commanding the grunts to attack Steven and the rest of those helping the Devon Corporation. Mr. Stone becomes anxious that they will destroy the Absorber and waste the life force that they have collected from Chic and Sceptile, but Zinnia reveals that she is after the dimensional shifter. She has Aster grab onto it, but before it can destroy the object, Plusle and Minun steal it back and give it to Sapphire.

Zinnia senses Sapphire doesn't know what the dimensional shifter is, and Sapphire responds by asking what she and her Pokémon have been doing for the Devon Corporation. Mr. Stone tries to get her to ignore Zinnia, but Sapphire continues listening. Zinnia tells Sapphire that the dimensional shifter exists to create a warp hole to send a world-destroying meteor to a different dimension. Sapphire is surprised to hear of this, and is utterly stunned to learn that everybody around her, as well as Ruby, have been lying to her.

Hurt and betrayed, Sapphire finds herself unable to speak. Zinnia grabs her arm and attempts to steal the dimensional shifter, but she jumps away from her grasp. As grunts chase Sapphire away, Zinnia reveals that she has stolen Sapphire's Mega Bracelet.

Escaping to the top of a horizontal support beam, Sapphire watches the grunts' Pokémon from up high. Emerald comes out of a metal doorway beside her, urging her to come with him. Sapphire pulls away from him, upset that he lied to her. Emerald apologizes, but is still hesitant to offer an explanation without Ruby. Suddenly, the mysterious Pokémon that had earlier attacked Emerald and Steven appears. When Sapphire attempts to escape from the grunts, she is suddenly thrown into a glowing ring, vanishing from sight.

Outdoors, Zinnia and her Goodra fight against Steven and his Metagross as Mr. Stone tries to reason with her. He argues that the dimensional shifter will save lives, but Zinnia reveals that when such a device was used thousands of years ago, it was followed by disaster. Concerned as the others battle, Mumu stays away. Something in the sky catches its attention, and it looks up to see Ruby riding on Latios.

The exchange of attacks between Goodra and Metagross is interrupted when Ruby enters, riding on the back of a Mega Evolved Mumu. He commands them to stop fighting, but Zinnia doesn't listen. Ruby realizes he should prioritize the safety of Sapphire and Emerald by taking them away from the Devon Corporation. To his confusion, he is unable to find Sapphire.

Meanwhile on Route 131, Gabby and Ty film as a meteorite comes crashing into the sea from above. Checking their notes, the two discover that the meteorites are falling in a pattern all around Sootopolis City. Gabby asks Absol, who brought them to Route 131, if this was the crisis it wanted to warn them about. The Absol stares down, nodding.

Gabby and Ty take their footage to TV Mauville, but ultimately decide not to share it yet as they do not want to cause a panic. They plan to visit Mossdeep City, but decide to rest first. After the two leave, a mysterious man enters along with his Spinda, intrigued to see footage that will potentially attain mass viewership.

Major events

  • Zinnia and a small army of Team Magma and Team Aqua Grunts arrive at Sea Mauville.
  • Zinnia reveals that in addition to Team Magma, she infiltrated Team Aqua and made friends in both teams who agreed to stop the Devon Corporation.
  • Zinnia sends the Grunts to battle in order to steal the dimensional shifter.
  • Sapphire attempts to keep the dimensional shifter away, but has her Mega Bracelet taken away by Zinnia.
  • Zinnia reveals everything about the meteoroid to Sapphire.
  • During the commotion, the mysterious Pokémon takes Sapphire away.
  • Ruby arrives at Sea Mauville to stop the fighting and Mega Evolves Mumu into Mega Swampert.
  • Gabby and Ty continue their investigation, and have discovered meteors falling in six different locations.
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PS603 : Slowbro Has an Idea
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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