PS589 : Charizard Transforms
X & Y arc
PS591 : Mewtwo Angered
Yveltal Steals
Yveltal, Take
Shogakukan mini-volume Ch. 35 in Vol. 6
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 35 in Vol. 11
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 590 in Vol. 61
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 42 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures

Yveltal Steals (Japanese: イベルタル、奪う Yveltal, Take) is the 590th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Xerxer continues its battle against Yveltal.
  • Y and Trevor decide to stay behind and help Tierno and Shauna while X and Blue head to the Pokémon Village.
  • Diantha is revealed to have awakened, but is intercepted by Malva.
  • X and Blue arrive at the village, but are attacked by Mewtwo.
  • Lysandre appears and reveals that Mewtwo is the protector of the Pokémon Village.
  • Mewtwo Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo Y.
  • Blue notices another person in the distance who was responsible for Mega Evolving Mewtwo.
  • Lysandre uses a device to summon Zygarde.
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PS589 : Charizard Transforms
X & Y arc
PS591 : Mewtwo Angered
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