A Cold Reception
VS Tunbear
Chapter Black & White
Collected in Vol. 49
Round number 505
Location Opelucid Gym
Icirrus Gym
Previous Round The Cold Hard Truth
Next Round A Week to Go and Old Wounds

A Cold Reception (Japanese: VSツンベアー VS Tunbear or 条件 Condition) is the 505th round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Major events

  • Costa evolves into Carracosta.
  • Black defeats Brycen and earns the Freeze Badge.
  • Black obtains the Light Stone.
  • Black attempts to summon Reshiram, but fails.
  • Black learns that the League's date has been pushed up and becomes worried that he won't be able to compete in the League without eight Badges.
  • Brycen tells Black about the Swords of Justice.
  • Iris suggests that he try to awaken Reshiram, but Black claims that it's impossible and runs off.
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Pokémon debuts





  • In the original Japanese magazine version, the last few pages of this round were originally published as a part of PS508. Since the pages caused a continuity error by leading into the events of PS508 and leaving no room for encounter with the Swords of Justice, the pages were moved when collected into Volume 49.
    • This part of the last few pages of this round in the European French version is named "Le choix de Watson" (Drayden's Choice). In the VIZ Media mini volume, the title is "A Week to Go".
  • In the VIZ Media mini-volumes of the Black & White chapter, this round was collected in Volume 14.
  • In the Kurokawa translation from France, this round was released in Pokémon Black and White volume 6.

In other languages

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