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All About Arceus I/VS Arceus I
VS アルセウスI
VS Arceus I
Chapter HeartGold & SoulSilver
Collected in Vol. 42
Round number 452
Location Ecruteak Gym
Previous Round It Takes Xatu to Tango
Next Round All About Arceus II

All About Arceus I/VS Arceus I or Engravings of communication!/Communication Sign (Japanese: VS アルセウスI VS Arceus I or 伝説のサイン! The Legendary's Sign!) is the 452nd round of the Pokémon Adventures manga.



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The chapter opens with Silver and Morty waking up after falling unconscious from Arceus's blast, the latter noting how the top half of Ecruteak Gym was destroyed as well. Silver glances around, wondering where Gold is. After Silver releases Honchkrow to fly off and find Gold, Morty reminds him of the Plates he's searching for. With the help of his clairvoyance and Misdreavus and Gastly, Morty tries to locate the remaining 13 Plates for Silver. Morty collapses with sweat dripping down his face, however, but says he's fine. He claims he saw Arceus's figure combined with all 16 Plates. As he marks up a map of the remaining 13 Plates for Silver, Morty comments on how Team Rocket's plans may involve bringing Arceus and the Plates together.

Silver then releases his Weavile, who immediately takes the map with the Plates' locations and starts scratching on a tree with its claws. Morty asks why this is, and Silver explains that Weavile does this so that others of its species (including Sneasel) will spread the word and aid in the search for the Plates. Afterward, Silver hands Morty back the Fog Badge that he stole. As Morty watches Honchkrow and Silver fly off, he begs Silver to save Johto from danger and says he can't be of help anymore.

As they fly, Silver takes out his Pokédex and notes how many contacts it has along with some of its features. He then calls Gold and asks where he is, to which Gold responds that he's busy fighting Arceus. Determinedly, Silver asks Gold to wait for him while he finishes collecting the Plates.

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