PS421 : Clobbering Claydol
Platinum arc
PS423 : Tackling Togekiss
Interrupting Ivysaur
The Treasure of Stark Mountain
VS フシギソウ
VS Fushigisou
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 422 in Vol. 38
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 85 in Vol. 9
Series Pokémon Adventures

Interrupting Ivysaur (Japanese: VS フシギソウ VS Ivysaur), titled VS Ivysaur in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 422nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the sixth chapter of the Platinum arc.

It is subtitled The Treasure of Stark Mountain (Japanese: ハードマウンテンのお宝 Treasure of Hard Mountain) in the VIZ Media translation and Treasure of Stark Mountain in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Platinum begins her Battle Arcade challenge, with the manager of Veilstone Game Corner now acting as an announcer for the facility's matches. Before each match, Platinum stops a spinning roulette which determines the action taken before the match. Platinum defeats a Veteran and a Pokémon Breeder on the way to a 14-match winning streak. Looker is amazed at how Platinum seems to always stop the roulette at an outcome that she desires.

At one stage, the roulette stops at a Hail symbol, starting a hailstorm which causes Looker to bring out an umbrella. The umbrella is torn apart after a while, and Dahlia arrives with her team of Pokémon, and in a cheerful mode. As the Game Corner manager kneels down in praise of her, Dahlia sees that her challenger is sure to battle her at some point. Platinum decides that Dahlia may know more about the Distortion World than others do, and is even more determined to defeat her in battle.

Meanwhile, Buck has reached the entrance to Stark Mountain's cavern. Thinking there will be no phone signal when he goes in, he decides to call his brother Flint first. Flint picks up at his home, where he and Volkner had been sifting through a huge pile of books and data files. Flint duly confirms to Buck that a hidden treasure exists in Stark Mountain, called the Magma Stone. But before he can speak any further, the call cuts off. Buck, who is still outside the cavern, decides not to dwell over the matter, and goes into the cavern fully equipped with the information that he has.

Buck decides that he must protect the Magma Stone from Team Galactic. He gets his Claydol to reveal a group of Team Galactic Grunts spying on him. After his queries are met with silence, Buck orders Claydol to knock the grunts down, but they get up each time. Buck therefore has Claydol track a path through the cavern's tunnels to lose track of the grunts, and he eventually locates a small chamber with the Magma Stone inside it.

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PS421 : Clobbering Claydol
Platinum arc
PS423 : Tackling Togekiss
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