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Skirting Around Surskit II
Skills of the Salon Maiden
VS アメタマ II
VS Ametama II
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 316 in Vol. 27
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 316 in Vol. 27
Series Pokémon Adventures

Skirting Around Surskit II (Japanese: VS アメタマII VS Surskit II), titled VS. Surskit II in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 316th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 14th chapter of the Emerald arc. It is subtitled Skills of the Salon Maiden (Japanese: タイクーンの実力 The Tycoon's Ability) in the VIZ Media translation and The Salon Maiden's Prowess in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Anabel and Emerald, who are riding on Anabel's Raikou, charge at Guile. Anabel commands a Thunder Shock, and Raikou releases a small bolt of electricity from its tail, which surrounds Guile like a cage. Anabel explains that while Thunder Shock is a weak Electric-type move, its small power gives Raikou the ability to manipulate it with ease. Despite being immobilized, Guile doesn't appear to be fazed, while his Surskit begins releasing a liquid from its leg.

The clouds on Raikou's back suddenly grow in size and rise upwards. Anabel explains that most Pokémon can only use the move Thunder outside, when there are thunderclouds in the sky. Despite this, Raikou can use Thunder wherever it wishes because it carries thunderclouds wherever it goes. Raikou fires a powerful Thunder from its clouds, but doesn't hit Guile with it intentionally. Todd Snap is shocked to see how strong Anabel is, but she states it is because she has talent.

Emerald takes this chance to capture Jirachi and sends out Bonee and Monlee. Emerald has Monlee use Mach Punch to prevent Jirachi from moving by threatening to attack with its super fast punches. While Monlee keeps Jirachi distracted, Bonee whips out a pair of nunchaku made of bones. Bonee throws the nunchaku, which spin around Jirachi's body and binds its body, while not hurting it in the process.

With Jirachi tied up, Emerald pulls out a Luxury Ball, as the Timer Ball he thought would be useful in a long battle wouldn't be needed anyway. Emerald aims for the line on Jirachi's stomach, as that is where its most vital energy might be. The Ball connects, and Jirachi is sucked inside. While the Frontier Brains exclaim that Emerald succeeded, Guile simply stares while his Surskit puts its arms in the air.

Meanwhile, at the Battle Arena, Scott unsuccessfully tries to keep the press calmed down while they wait for the Frontier Brains and Emerald to show up for the next challenge. He pulls out a PokéNav and states that there is no helping it, as they're facing Jirachi and the villain who aims to capture it. Back at the Artisan Cave, Todd is happy to see that Jirachi has been captured, which means that Guile won't be able to get his wishes granted. Despite this, Emerald notes that Jirachi should have been sucked into the Ball, but it hasn't completely clamped shut.

They quickly realize that Guile's Surskit is using Psybeam to keep the Luxury Ball from closing. The attack succeeds, and the Luxury Ball is destroyed, freeing Jirachi in the process. Guile brandishes his sword, and uses it to slice through the electric jail made by Raikou. Anabel tries to sick Raikou on Guile, but the floor is revealed to have been flooded with a sticky substance. They realize that Guile's Surskit has been releasing a nectar from its legs the whole time, which eventually turned into the sticky glue-like substance that they're trapped in. Guile swings his sword, sending a wave of energy at his opponents.

The attack is blocked by Sceptile, Sudowoodo, and Dusclops, who jump in front of it to protect Emerald. Guile reaches out for Jirachi, but it disappears. Guile yells out in anger, but he points out that he still has four days left to capture it. While his opponents can do nothing but watch, Guile throws a flash bomb to escape, while revealing his intention to rule the world and his full name: Guile Hideout. Back at the Battle Arena, the Frontier Brains and Emerald finally manage to get back. Before they start the challenge, Anabel stops Scott and asks him if he knew everything about Jirachi and Guile.

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PS315 : Skirting Around Surskit I
Emerald arc
PS317 : Sneaky Like Shedinja
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